The 50 Billion ISK EvE Music Contest

EvE has some absolutely fantastic original and parody songs, if you’ve not seen them before, here are some excellent examples:

But, we want more! And so this contest is offering 50b ISK in prizes for new EvE related songs!
Show off your song-writing and create something the community will love for a chance to win some hefty prizes.

This project was originally funded on the OzTank Episode 1, with the prize pool being funded by Oz_EvE, Golden CEO, and Croda. Episode 4 is streaming tonight at 21:00 server time if you want to tune in!

Originally this was a project submitted by a user on the show, but we have been unable to contact him recently and have heard no updates. We still want to see this contest through though because who doesn’t want more great EvE content? So the OzTank investors will be running this ourselves.


1st place: 20 Billion ISK

2nd place: 10 Billion ISK

3rd place: 5 Billion ISK

4th place: 3 Billion ISK

5th place: 2 Billion ISK

Best Video: 10 Billion ISK





  • All submissions must be made before 1st January 2024

  • Music must be of your own creation. Using instrumental tracks for backing is fine.

  • Submissions do not require a video, but a decent video will increase your likelihood of a prize!

  • ‘Best Video’ is not mutually exclusive from the other prizes, it is possible to win both a main prize and the best video prize if both your music and video are great.

  • Submissions are judged at the discretion of the investors based on overall entertainment value, production quality, clever lyric writing and overall catchiness!

  • Submissions must be ‘new’. Defined as having been created no earlier than July 2023. Previously existing songs cannot be submitted.

Good Luck!!

My song doesn’t meet your rules but enjoy. Clint EVEWood from 10 years ago

Just for reference (not a submission): Providence Skies by Cat Faber

Not mine just wanted to throw it in.

And our Neo Theme song

Just throwing these up for fun :slight_smile: