EVE 20th Anniversary Video Competition

Eve 20th Anniversary Video Competition

Hey guys for EVE’s 20th Anniversary I want to host a video competition. My favorite videos for eve have always been fan made content trailers and fan movies. So for a lack of recent content I am putting up this competition to get some great new videos out there. What I am looking for: Awesome 20th anniversary corporation/alliance/community trailers with amazing glamor, dank comms, great frags, and good history. Bonus points for most of the footage being from 2022-2023. I want you to rep your corporation/alliance as hard as you can.

All submissions need to be in by May 6th Downtime. Winner will be selected within 24 hours. Winner will be determined by strawpoll, voting will open at May 6th Downtime and will be open for 24 hours. Highest 3 Video’s by vote will be the winners. But what would a competition be without rewards. Rewards are as follows.

Submission link: so that a list of all videos can be posted at a later time.


1st Place: 1500 plex

2nd Place: 1000 plex

3rd Place: 500 plex

CSM’s Choice: A skin of no less than 2 bill value. (CSM will be voting for their favorite)

Plex in Jita 4/4

But there has to be some rules. See below.


All submissions need to be in by May 6th Downtime

Video: Must be tagged with “EVE 20th Anniversary”

Audio: Music must be copyright free, open license, or own the rights to use.

Duration: Between 45 seconds and 1min 30s

Submissions: Public on Youtube. Must be submitted before DT May 6th

Submission link: https://forms.gle/3X6QDwwwQ7vBD2QYA so that a list of all videos can be posted at a later time.


1 min 30 seconds is to less, if you expand that to 3 minutes would be great.

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