The Ferocious Few - A Video Competition


A couple of years ago Aldap and Mizhir held a video competition called One Man Crew. There were several video categories that people could submit their content. I recently found these and fell in love with them again. It’s time to help create some content, and some riches for a lucky few of you! - The <10 Team in cooperation with Mizhir are holding something similar!

We Shall call this Competition - The Ferocious Few

This is your chance to show off your skills and go home with a fat sack of isk and valuable skins. All you have to do is go roaming like you normally do and record the fights. Pick your best fight(s) and submit them to the competition. A panel of judges will pick the best submission in 5 different categories to win the prizes and be featured by the <10 podcast. Additional smaller side prizes may be added later.

Best Solo (no backpacks are not solo)
Best Escalation (Total gang must always stay less than 10 pilots)
Best Big Brain - (solo or small gang, off meta ship use)
Best Cheap Ship Usage (frag out in that caracal)
Best Support POV ( Logi - Ewar - Cepter - The hidden heroes)

RULES: Each Video can only be submitted to one category, however you can submit multiple fights. Only solo fights and fights with 9 or less friendly ships (including yours) on the grid are allowed. Must be newly made content from July and August 2021. Must be on TQ

HOW TO SUBMIT: Videos may be edited however you wish, but must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted to Casper24 (Casper#7059) with a BR included. Deadline for submissions is August 31st

RECOMMENDATIONS: Videos should be 1080p or better. Including comms will make it easier for the viewer to understand the story of the fight. Speeding up parts of the video or skipping segments can be used. Be careful that you don’t make the fight too hard to follow. Please avoid obnoxious and extremely loud music. Also beware of copyright claims.

PRIZES!!! The <10 team will be donating LUMPS of partner skins (Astero, Caracal, Vexor, Rupture, Maller, Procurer, Megathron)

CCP has agreed to add on some extra goodies as well! TY Community team!

Furthermore, we have some rich boy donors: EVE NT: 10bn isk Dexter Xio: 10bn isk

Rahne Chocolate, Amelia Duskspace, AP, and Veetor Nara have also pledged some of their partner skins

If anyone would like to further increase the prize pool please hit me up - sponsorship opportunities are available.

Good luck, and may Bob be with you!

I want to see some elite feathering, aligning to the sun, and big brain off-meta gameplay! But remember that you don’t have to be the top of the top player to go home with a prize.

Thank you, Mizhir, Casper24, and the whole <10 Team

<10 Discord Link <10 : EVE Online Smallgang There is a channel created for discussion or questions


Nice one love to see these kinds of player-driven events, exactly what we need more of. I Hope it gets lots of people out in space taking risks over the next 8 weeks.

I look forward to seeing the entries. The original OMC video is one of my favourites.


I agree, looking forward to seeing


I am hyped for being a part of this and I am looking forward to seeing your fights!


I’m a semi professional video editor (boring corporate stuff) but I’ve had an itch to make some eve content for a long while.
If anyone has any footage they can’t, don’t want to, or would like a second edit of for this competition I would be happy to oblige.




Maximum hype achieved!


oh boy, here we go


no content no target dead game, what do you expect ?

This video by Amelia Duskspace is a great example of fights that would qualify for the Cheap Ship Usage category: Engageable Yeets I - YouTube


Be the change you want to see. :heart:


What would you consider off-meta?

It’s a bit hard to tell since the meta itself is a bit fluid when it comes to smallscale pvp. In general it would be ships that aren’t used often or fits that are special. There isn’t a defined rule on what’s off meta but the more creative your ship choice is, the higher chance will you have.


Does it count if I’ll do solo vid of me flying backpack ?:stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t qualify for the solo category but can qualify for the others.

Im talking about solo flying backpack named draugur, with no fleet mates, just pure alone in the dark vs blobs :slight_smile:

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… Can I enter? :thinking:


well im sure people will want to fly with you for the guaranteed content :slight_smile:

How off meta is off meta? Active hull tank levels or…
Also Best cheap ship- that limited to t1/navy as people have different interpretations of cheap