[PVP Event] The Guardian Games, open community solo/small gang pvp event. 20b In Prizes

Hey folks, I was hoping to run an Angel/Serpentis themed player run PVP tournament in August as some of you will know. But unfortunately due to Thunderdome not being in an entirely ‘ideal’ state it would have not have been possible to produce an event with a good level of quality for both the audience and the participants.

Instead, I’d like to run an open-community PVP event to encourage great content, particulary video content.

The rules are simple, simply post a video, twitch.tv clip or a killmail of you flying an Angel Cartel or a Serpentis hull in PVP. There will be prizes awarded for the best in particular categories as outlined below, a zkillboard top solo killler competition, as well as many other bonus achievements and prizes.

The timeline for submissions will run from the 17th of October 00:00 UTC until the 18th of November at 23:59 UTC. Winners will be announced on the Friday of 22nd of November.

Main Categories.

1. Best video using a Machariel or Vindicator.
Prize: Guardian Games Platinum Package
2. Best video using any Angel/Serpentis hull with voice commentary
Prize: Guardian Games Platinum Package
3. Best Twitch.tv clip/content using an Angel/Serpentis Hull.
Prize: Guardian Games Gold Package
4. Best video using a Vigilant or Cynabal.
Prize: Guardian Games Gold Package
5. Best video using a Dramiel or Daredevil.
Prize: Guardian Games Silver Package
6. Best story/killmail using any Angel/Serpentis Hull
Prize: Guardian Games Silver Package.

Bonus Categories

1. Best Fail (Burning out guns, losing a machariel to a solo garmur etc.)
Prize: Dramiel Sariel’s Flames SKIN
2. Taking out the competition - Best kill on another angel/serpentis hull
Prize: Vigilant, Cynabal, Dramiel, Daredevil.
3. Domination - Best kill on a Guristas/Sansha/Blood Raider ship
Prize: Vigilant, Cynabal, Dramiel, Daredevil.
4. Not your average Noob - Best Kill in an Echo or Violator
Prize: 1x Large Skill Injector
5. Most Expensive submitted solo kill (As of Zkillboard pricing)
Prize: Vigilant, Cynabal, Dramiel, Daredevil.
6. Hired Muscle - Best kill with at least 4 unique angel or serpentis hulls on it.
Prize: Vigilant, Cynabal, Dramiel, Daredevil.
7. Serpentis Salt Inquest - Funniest chat log collected
Prize: Vigilant, Cynabal, Dramiel, Daredevil.
8. Big Noob Detected - Worst fitted ship killed
Prize: Echo

Platinum Package (Total Value Approx 2bil) - Full MG Halo set, Machariel, Vindicator, Cynabal, Vigilant, Dramiel and Daredevil. Spirit skins for Mach, Cynabal and Dramiel. Salvation Angels Strongbox, 1000x Angel Arisen Fireworks.
Gold Package (Total Value approx 1.2bil) - Full MG Halo set, Cynabal, Vigilant, Dramiel and Daredevil. Spirit skins for Mach, Cynabal and Dramiel. Salvation Angels Strongbox, 1000x Angel Arisen Fireworks.
Silver Package (Total Value approx 700mil) - Full MG Halo set, Dramiel and Daredevil. Spirit skins for Mach, Cynabal and Dramiel. Salvation Angels Strongbox, 1000x Angel Arisen Fireworks.

Top Solo Killer for Hulls (Note this runs from the 1st of November 00:00 UTC until the 18th of November at 11:00)
The top solo killer for each Angel/Serpentis hull for the month of November, until the 18th when I check Zkillboard at downtime will be used to determine the winner here, please make sure you are ESI verified on zkillboard to avoid disappointment. (https://zkillboard.com/ship/17932/top/year/2019/month/11/solo/solo)
Note: Obvious Stat Padding (killing alts/unfitted ships etc) will result in the next person on the list getting the prize instead.

Dramiel - Dramiel Angel Hex Skin
Cynabal - Cynabal Angel Hex Skin
Machariel - Machariel Angel Hex Skin
Daredevil - Daredevil Angel Hex Skin
Vigilant - Vigilant Angel Hex Skin
Vindicator - Vindicator Angel Hex Skin

In addition. Many more Hulls/Skins will be given away to honourable mentions
If anyone wants to donate prizes or have their own achievements/bonus categories then feel free to.


Reserved for FAQ.

I’ve been asked if the Voice Commentary includes text to speech. That’s perfectly fine, I am slightly more biased towards real player commentary however :slight_smile:

I’ve been asked if Structures/MTUs/NPC structures like Sotiyos or other things count towards highest ISK killed, or the 4 angel/serp ships on a killmail, or the rookie ship kill requirement. Only ships flown by other players count towards the awards.

If you can’t post on the official eve online forums because you’ve been a very bad boy or another reason. Please evemail this character with your submission instead.

Here’s my submission for the Best Fail category! I did a Polarized Vigi with an Ancil shield booster in Abyssal PvP. Crazily enough I come up against a Deimos, and wow was it close. Total paper DPS with this Vigilant - 1650 overheated! https://www.twitch.tv/torvald_uruz/clip/ColdbloodedTolerantPeppermintTriHard

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Got 2 for you. one is an old clip/video against chessur, kadesh and cuffdawg (me in a rail vigilant) ALOT of warping around

Second one, im not FLYING an angel or serpentis ship, but i am vsing 3 cynabals in my geddon!

Just wanted to share :slight_smile: i’ll have to go out flying some angel or serp ships soon!

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i realize it’s early, but this will at least give people a benchmark and also a meme.
for the most expensive solo kill: https://zkillboard.com/kill/79441595/

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Please enjoy my solo pvp video content I hope I get to win a prize :slight_smile:

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Dark times in lowsec.

Any bonus points for having the balls to fly these boats in the competition as an Alpha clone?

Asking for no particular reason…

Alpha clone PVP in any of these ships is always interesting, would definately recieve +marks.

The race is now on btw! All solo kills from today onwards will count towards the top solo killer prizes for each ship hull.

My entry for the video contest. The first clip and the last two (11:28 onwards) are in a vindicator. Up to you if you consider using a link alt solo or not.

Solo PvP Vol. 6.66


Links are fine, as are implants/scouts/drugs or whatever other stuff people consider ‘non solo’. If 1 person is on the killmail then it’s solo for the sake of the solo kills part of the competition.

Also, the video contest isn’t strictly ‘solo only’ videos in small gang are fine too. So you’re more than good :slight_smile:

1 week left to go :smiley:

Top solo killers is looking tight for a few hulls.