Meta Shift - A Video Competition brought to you by the Bringing Solo Back Community


Hey Nerds

The Bringing Solo Back (BSB) Community is excited to be kicking off - and to celebrate it, we will start the first of what we hope will be many community events. Our first event will be a running video competition entitled “Meta Shift.” There will be four seasons, each running for 60 days. Each season will have 3 video topics to choose from, and video submissions must be under one of these topics. Every good faith submittal will receive 1 ‘raffle ticket.’ At the end of four seasons, we will draw several of these tickets, and the winners will receive 2 Bestla Alliance Tournament Cruisers and 2 Geri AT Frigates ( one to each winning ticket, no duplicate winners)

Each season we will pick 1 video as the winner for each topic. That person will receive 4k plex (around 20b), a double raffle ticket for the end-of-year drawing, and whatever sponsorship I can acquire. :blush: There will be a channel in the BSB community discord to ask questions as they may arise.

We’re super excited to see the ideas and videos this community can come up with! See below for more rules and details:




SEASON 1 TOPICS WILL BE (March 1st till April 30th):

  • Solo HIC or Dictor

  • Best Brawling Video (solo or small gang)

  • EAF use ( solo or gang) (T1 or T2 hull, IE Maulus, Keres, Crucifier)

friggin excited to shift things up a bit :slight_smile: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!


Thanks for organizing this, excited to see the submissions!

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Excited to see some amazing videos come from this contest


Cool thing, looking forward to the videos.

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Looking forward for the vids hehe

BROS! WE NOW HAVE 2 BESTLAS AND 2 GERIs TO GIVE AWAY ontop of the plex already on offer!



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  1. Fights MUST take place between Season Start/End dates

Dang, you really want me to undock!

Looking forward to seeing what comes of it. :slight_smile:


If you want to make an epic solo Fiend or Laelaps video, feel free to contact me or Outlawed NoPro. We have big number of alts for use, dramatic and intense brawl is waiting for you!


I know your " ill let you use uniques" payment plan has made money, WTS FIEND and LAELAPS btw :slight_smile:

Speaking of shiny toys: Will entries featuring a Raiju be accepted for the EAF category?

Yes they will :slight_smile: But we know well its power, a video showing some nerd staying 80km away from a poor solo nerd with no shot will not be given as much weight as someone actually risking and trying out something new (VLDs Rocket fit would count as something new and risking)

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Just an update from the community - we have 384 people in the discord actively chatting, feel epic about this turnout so far!

Just today we opened the video submission channel in our discord, with directions and a short GIF explaining how to do it! Love to see the activity and hear the feedback from you guys as we continue to develop this community!

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As a member of the channel, this sounds like a great idea! Would like to add to the prizes if that’s at all possible? Can contact you via discord if it’s easier o7

Thank you sir! Just woke up and have been chatting with you - THESE ARE FRIGGIN EPIC

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