Poor elite needs more support

Poor elite needs more support

Have you ever heard of Bringing the Solo Back community? If you’re elite enough then probably yes. This community has a Discord server that unites the most professional PVPers all over New Eden. Unfortunately this guys currently experience the lack of game developers support.

As Casper24 one of the BSB leaders said CCP said that BSB weren’t doing enough to be partnered. That’s why they have to rely on rich people assets while forming prize pools for the contests they announce. The question is if it is really so bad? Let’s take a look on most recent BSB activities!

On Feb 27 Meta Shift Video contest by BSB was announced having unbelievable 4 Alliance Tournament ships total in its prize pool! The contest planned to include 4 seasons 60 days each. Every season will have 3 topics. Season winners receive PLEX prize and a raffle ticket. Other participants should also reecieve raffle tickes. AT ships are supposed to be raffled at the end of last season.

As it turns out most valuable prizes are donated by Discord user Astrocytoma. As Casper says in his post at official forum thread related to Meta Shift contest «this is the biggest prize pool outside of the AT, and you don’t even have to beat hydra» while selling his Laelaps and Fiend just couple posts away.

The initiative looks beautiful until it comes to judging that is called «voting» for some reason. This is how it looks like:

Participants submit their videos to a bot within special chat. Bot parse the submission message and delete the original message that contains all links replacing it with ‘submission succsessful’. Casper, Brainstraw and Astrocytoma watch participants videos and make a short list of 10 videos for each of 3 topics. Then each one apprise videos based on this criteria given in contest spreadsheet):

Scale Vote:

How well did the fit acomplish the theory behind it? 0-3

How well did the pilot execute what he wanted to in the showcased encounters? 0-3

How overall entertaining and informative was the showcased content? 0-3

How outside the box ( bonus points ) 0-1

They put their scale votes and some additional comments to the spreadsheet tabs which are also secret and of course there’s leaked copy of it for you to see. (I’d recommend to read judges comments on each video after watching it) At this step only 3 videos are left for each topic so 9 in total. After that BSB community leaders pick «a panel of judges» by poking random people right there in meta-shift discussion chat at BSB Discord. Panel of judges should pick a winner for each category from what is left after «scaled voting».

Maybe the voting process is not so transparent, but still BSB Community initiative brings new content makers and subscribers to the New Eden. This guys donate their own AT ships into prize pool. Isn’t it beautiful? As Casper said himself [«100 % bro we made 78 people sub to your game And you can give me some free internet codes». Doesn’t BSB deserve CCP support, does it?

Meta Shift Video Contest is still running. If u dare to take this challenge you’d better be prepared, right? So as a bonus content for this article there are some hints for you on how to become a winner.

Hints for participants (based on first season category #1). See full playlist here

How to win 1st place:

  1. Don’t be Grunt Kado - if u too elite u won’t win;

  2. Do not try hard couple footages are enough;

  3. Don’t shift the meta TOO MUCH, smart use of PVE tengu fit applied to another caldari ship shifts it just perfect;

  4. Be Jacky Chan - use the environment smart, make snuggly newbies attack u and let gate sentries do the job;

How to win the 2nd place:

  1. Do not try hard, take cheapest ship type possible;

  2. Why should u go somewhere else if there’s FW?

  3. Delete your video after u get the prize!

How to win 3rd place:

  1. Try hard! Include as much footages as u can!

  2. Do not use cinematic language to tell about the contest itself instead use screen text;

  3. Break rules! If rules say «No Backpack» use ur blockade runner as a backpack instead and mention it in screen text, nobody reads this crap anyway;

  4. Why go anywhere else and get blobbed if u can do all PVP in high-sec?

Fly safe everyone! o7

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The best part is ways to win = playing! :smiley: ty for sharing


Mostly filled with multiboxers tbh and Nulbears using big words.


Still content is content so good luck!

I endorse Casper for PLATINUM PARTNER TIER.

Should he support the bla-bla-bla of whatever?

I also remember the time Huan Matus wasted several hours a day, for more than a week, desperately following me around and trying to click on me. It is indeed amusing that Huan apparently made a video of this, obsessively clicking on my name, and I am pleased to know that Huan will likely spend the rest of his life thinking about me.

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CCP doesn’t want “solo”—they want big spiky balls of Naglfars inside shiny warp bubbles to put into their marketing materials so that they can play up to people’s nostalgia by offering a Star Wars nondescript conventional starship captain experience.

“Solo” is for room-temp IQs who think that following the old ways is going to make their gods grant them their favor and enable them to become elite space-Chad warriors. In reality, it’s just a small gaggle of remaining evolutionary holdouts who can’t adapt to changing social norms and desperately try to convince themselves that they have “skillz” so that they can actually sleep at night. Meanwhile, the normal people are laughing at them while refusing to engage anything unless they have more remote assistance than the target does damage. Losing isn’t fun, but beating people up in a group while laughing about it on comms is, and smart gamers understand that.

Who do you think enjoys the game more, the players getting mad about “involved parties” and sperging out over creating echo-chamber circle-jerk communities where they lick each other’s boo-boos, or the players who spend an hour or two banging away random Iterons and Caracals in a Vargur gang with their pals before turning off their computers and banging their girlfriends? Exactly.


I do my best to spread what old ways are in my community if only we understand it same. Also in my opinion laughing on comms is the most important thing.

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Exactly this. There is no ‘thrill’ from ‘i have 500 of this ship and you have 400 of that particular type of ship so after 1 hour of forming we’re going home’

Small gang mentality is top tier, open comms, calling points, working together and laughing about it after. Nothing more satisfying than bringing an indy guy along for his first kill.

These guys such as casper24 are bringing new content and inspiring others to do the same by provoking fresh thinking and getting pilots to sit down and go 'what has never been seen before."

This is the Lords work in my opinion.

I think BSB is going contra what CCP and the big blocs they are catering to want EvE to be.


sorry but the end-game elite solo PVP is against Concord

Yes, I’d say it is cool that even ultra rare personal assets are put on field to encourage a personal skill rise.

I mean elite PVP community always was a small circle of people. Some decided to become streamers, some used to hide under trash tickers like CODE or any alikes to become less scary for people and most part had spent their time 100% offline between tourneys.

It would be very nice if their initiative will help to rise up the average skill level all over TQ which is ruined after Ishtar Online Era.

I wasn’t really aware that BSB was more than a chat channel, even though I’ve been a member since the day the channel was created. I guess I’ve just never wrapped my brain around Discord and tend to ignore references to it.

I don’t know if CCP partners with chat channels or discords. Is that even a thing? Seems like everyone with a few youtube videos and every streamer with even 1 follower is a partner nowadays. Not to mention every single blogger but myself. (I always chalked that one up to the fact that I blog about piracy. CCP clearly is trying to downplay the existence of player-pirates in the game. It might also be due to the fact that I have never inquired about partner status though.)

If they do partner with chat channels or discords though, I definitely think BSB should qualify. A lot of the most iconic players in the game hang out there. Maybe this rejection, too, is due to the fact that it’s a pirate-friendly space.

I can’t imagine that it’s because BSB doesn’t do cool stuff. We do very cool stuff. The coolest stuff. Streamers who have literally never done a cool thing ever are partners, so why not BSB?

I dunno mate.

No doubt the guys that matter do a lot of good work and you cannot always police your own community. I found the channel to be a little toxic at times.

I dont know what the partner requirements are. but visibility “streaming” and new player friendly seems to be a big thing. BSB may appear very restrictive to newer players.

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I would agree that BSB can be a little toxic sometimes. I think we can say that about a lot of open channels in the game though. I don’t find that the prevailing tone is a negative one.

I wish there were a better space to chat about solo PvP in the game, but lately it’s feeling like BSB is the only place you can share a solo kill and not hear the crickets chirping. Maybe there’s a better space for that nowadays, but I haven’t found it.

I’m just saying that they seem to hand out partner status to anyone, regardless of the quality of the content they put out there. There’s a weird absence of pirate-themed partners out there, but that’s the only apparent standard I have noticed. The bar appears extremely low.

BSB is more of an institution than 90% of the EVE partners I have noticed, so it just seems weird that they would be denied. It’s not like it costs CCP anything.

But… But…

Share a solo kill of a T3 Cruiser killing a frigate or ratting Vexor/Ishtar in null there are high5 and butt slaps in the showers. If I share a Battleship or Marauder I killed in a Nergal mission baiting in highsec I get trolled. So now I would link Structure kills because If that is how solo is measured I cannot take people in there seriously. I have not done that in a long time… thanks for reminding myself.

And agreed, but I do believe the EVE partner ship thing goals is to promote visibility of EVE. There are EVE partners that do alot of solo roams or groups roams. But they are streaming. Maybe that is vertical to look at for BSB if EVE partnership is a thing. Sometimes I am sure EVE partners get asked to promote the new content, so that might be something they need to suck up and do? Consistency is also a thing. EVE partners stream often.

I only say this because I support and subscribe to some of the EVE Streamers. So I am basing this of what I see when it comes to EVE streaming.

Really? I’m posting my expensive solo kills and people don’t troll, and most of those are because people on the other side were dumb (else I wouldn’t be able to beat a T3 or Battleship in a Hecate :wink: ). You just do the same in highsec.

As “elite PvP” is closely related to “salt”, where not all people leave the field happily after a GF, it’s not something you would get cheered up on a stream, but likely have to redact the Russian slurs … not the advertisement CCP wants.

When the self proclaimed title “elite” leaves the game, the game will get better.

The term is typically understood to be a joke when used.

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