Proven Grounds Immediate Change for next Tourney

First of all, congrats to all that made it top 100!

However, very well known now that only top players are on top implants, drugs, ammo types, etc… Frankly, not everyone can afford that and why should they? A Tourney is about skill and not about who can afford the major extra edge in a fight.

Next Tourney:

No Drugs
No Boosters
No Dread Guristas Missile types etc (stick to Navy Faction and T2)
Just nothing except your skills and the way you fly the ship.

Give the space poors a chance to be on par with the space elite. Make it so that actual skill decides who wins or loses.

Thanks in advance, I am sure everyone supports this except maybe the space rich that happen also to be pretty good pilots, I mean, it is a no-brainer who will always win then, no?

Carry On

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Why should you not be allowed to use drugs if everyone can use drugs? If you are space poor, you shouldn’t get special treatment and crutches to fix your problems. Fix your problems yourself first and then engage in high level content.

Is it? Even Jarsuselka has lost a lot of ships in this arena. Maybe just get better yourself before you demand debuffs for others.

I am not just referring to one person, and you call a loss of 3 ships a lot?

Space Rich need to grow a set and fight on even terms with all, then let’s see where they end up in the leaderboards.

I hope you are also aware, that they are on top because of mainly the space poors that do like 1-3 fights and have zero chances against them anyway. So ideally then, make an entrance free: 20 Billion isk. Let’s see how the space rich fight amongst themselves, that would be neat.

But once the meta for each tourney is known it is then based on skills (LVL5 skills) to apply and resist damage. He who hits hardest (no glancing shots) and manages his tank better wins.

I just do the sites until I pick up expensive loot from the can. Like those nice suits I then sell on the market for 15bill.


ooohhh i was not aware that the sites could have that kind of expensive loot

What, Proving Grounds have loot (except from other ships)?

Not all the time. I was lucky enough to gotten 2 drops shortly after each other. But you have to win your matches. :slight_smile:

A potential 15bil drop is kind of tempting to break my own resolution to never touch this un-EvE-y thing :grimacing: :wink:

those drops, are those these weird destroyed battleship wrecks that suddenly show up with blue container icon to loot? If so? I missed like two of them and just took the activation gate, lol.

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If it has a blue container icon then I’d have to say it’s definitely loot…

Never pass up the Blue Light Special…

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That’s how it should be. In EVE, the good always feed on the poor and bad. What makes you think that you should be exempt from this rule in your instanced PVP sandbox? Become better and put the same effort into this crap as they do and then you will do just as well as they. You don’t want to do that? Then why should they be punished or their efforts diminished just because you cannot be bothered to be good?

On top of that: Are you aware of the concept of alt characters? What makes you think that they would fight only in those elite arenas when they can still beat somebody like you with hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded?

The space poor need to try not being poor :stuck_out_tongue:

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