1v1 Tournament Feasability - 3bil purse

Hello all,

I want to host a 32man (or 16 if 32 is too much) single-elimination 1v1 tournament. I love 1v1s but I feel like there aren’t enough.

I am hoping some of you can give me some advice (or even participate) so we could pull this off.

What I think so far:

100mil Jita Price Limit – You can fly ANY ship, but it hull + modules + rigs + drones cannot exceed 100mil. Your ship will be inspected by a referee if you win.

No Implants, win or lose your dual, you will be killed by a referee at the end of the fight to ensure you have no implants. Players will set their home station to a station within the competition system. If you cheat you are disqualified.
(Alternative: Implants are allowed, but included in the 100mil limit)[Winning players will have their valid implants reimbursed by myself)

Prize: 2,000,000,000 ISK first place
500,000,000 ISK second place
250,000,000 Isk 3rd & 4th place
Total prize purse: 3bil

Dual will occur in highsec, starting distance undetermined. not sure what to start the players at. Maybe you guys can help. Could do 3 distances, 100,50, 25, with each player having a veto. For instance, Jeff veteos 100 and Bob Vetoes 25, the dual will start at 50. If two options are left, a coin will be flipped and/or (better option??)

So what do you guys think? Is it possible to pull something like this off? I will provide the isk myself, players will have to take the upfront 100mil risk with their ships to enter… I feel like a 3bil prize pool is worth it though.

Any insight appreciated.

Note: Abyssal modules not permitted


Anyway i can help with the prize Pool? if i can Go ahead and send me a mail in game!

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Sounds good. But maybe more easily managed if you make it ship-type specific. Like Cruisers only, or Frigs only or something.

For the warpin, you could just make it so that both sides have the same bookmark, and then they choose to warp in at whatever range they wish.

I love the bookmark idea!


Thank you for the kind offer! If it seems like this can get off the ground I will mail you!

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Yup. Each side fleets up with Yup. Each side fleets up with a fleetmate that they warp to, who are positioned on opposite sides, then they are handed a bookmark, and both sides warp to whatever distance they want and start the fight.

Call me if you need help, im always available!

Cool idea. Love me some Frig fights and 1v1’s so following this to see where it goes

The idea is nice I do love me some 1v1s but really think that there should be a specific ship class 100m isk frigates are allot different than 100m cruisers for example

yah but i think the diversity helps
like some blinged smaller ship vs a cookie cutter cruiser

i’ll help with the purse.

He could limit the fit by category or value.

i think value is more fun.

The best ship you can make for $100mil isk.

All frigates? Boring
All cruisers? Boring
All destroyers? Boring

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