Announcing - 10 billion isk solo PvP video competition

Greetings, filthy casuals.

My warmth and benevolence toward the eve community is well known by all, and continuing in that spirit i hereby announce:

The FMERCURY^TM SoloYolo Billionaire’s Ball Solo PvP XtReMe XtRaVaGaNzA, with the following rewards:

  • First Prize: “Magnum” - 7 billion isk and the prestigious ‘Rive Memorial Award for upstanding conduct’

  • Second Prize “Blue Steel” - 2 billion isk

  • Third Prize “La Tigra” - 1 billion isk

More information may be found in this post:

Please submit your videos for consideration in the associated subreddit. Have a nice day!

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Well done for doing this mate :slight_smile:

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