Annoying, constant clicking sounds on speakers only

Hello there everyone. Recently came back to the game after a 3 year hiatus. New M1 iMac computer (Monterey), new speakers, new client. When I play EVE, all sound clicks and pops when played through my Logitech Z407 speakers. Even Music, sound effects, doesn’t matter, it makes these weird pops and clicks. This does not happen when I disconnect those speakers and play through the built-in speakers, or through headphones.

Sounds like a hardware problem, right? Well, it only happens with EVE. No other program of any kind thus far does this over my speakers at all. Not playing music through multiple different sources, not with videos, nothing else. There is something specific about EVE that is doing this. Damned if I know.

Just curious if anyone else has encountered this problem, and if there was any solution to be found.

Yes…I’ve experienced the same clicking sounds, but on headphones ( I don’t have speakers anyway ). It’s not that frequent, but there is a noticeable click and sometimes a very brief freezing of the frames. May be lag, but I don’t see why lag would be associated with clicking sounds.

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