Annual PLEX is too expensive thread!

so with plex prices having already reached their old peak from last January and it not even being december yet. where are all the sky is falling threads about how plex prices are too damn high, and its going to kill the game (again)… I swear, I saw more complaint threads about this in the middle of summer when prices hit their annual low.
have… have people actually figured out that plex prices are cyclical? and they always hit their highs around this time of year?.. has Christmas come early!!!

I have been playing off and on for 10 years.

Plex has never in that time ever seemed to high or too low.

The old forums and these a year ago were rife with troll complainers and most have moved on.

oh ■■■■… so the reason we haven’t seen the annual complaints thread is because we are loosing our trolls? ■■■■… maybe eve really is dying.

One extra “o” can make a sentence mean exactly the opposite of what was intended.

hold on a sec…
ok, there:
happy now?

Rule one in life:
People are stupid.

Carry on

PLEX was 300M - ISK was hard to get
PLEX was 800M - ISK was easy to get
PLEX is 1.65B - ISK is flowing

Was PLEX ever expensive? Nope. Not even on Singularity, considering the amount of botting there. Maybe, for the few fair players.

I think it was MarkeeDragon, who started a brand new alpha account and within a month he was able to PLEX it. Knowledge is power.

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People, who plex their accounts, just found the way how to do it regardless to plex price. Thats all. New players, who does not figure it, leave the game before they start to complain.

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