Anoken Sales and Rentals is now selling and renting out wormholes

Hey there!!! Anoken Empire is now under new ownership and is selling and renting out high class (and some C3) wormholes. For all the information you need, check out this info page

Feel free to join our in-game channel “Anoken Sales and Rentals” or mail me if you have any questions or concerns. Fly Safe!!!


Hello, I am interested in c6 rental, possibly purchase. What systems do you have available?

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There is a link in the document in big bold letters that links to a spreadsheet that shows what we have available, but feel free to EVE mail me as well. Hope to talk with you soon!

Thanks, I must have missed that earlier being on mobile. I noticed Hard Knocks is not included on your “friendly with” list. Would they come evict me? Also, who are No Vacancies and Ehefkae? Sorry, I am new to the wormholes

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HK are not on the list but are bluetral with Lazerhawks so they are not a problem, and No Vacancies is the third most powerful WH corp, and Ehefkae is also up there on the power list.


Only 10b/hr? In my rental program you make 69b/hr or you get your money back

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Hard Knocks,Lazerhawks and No Vacancies will evict any structures in this corp.

Source :Me
Please Contact me in game for all rental agreements for wormhole space


@Rentals_and_Sales based on the latest message, do you see why I am scared?

do you really own, the only 6/3 pulsar in the game? It looks like your hole has a hard knocks infestation!

Damn filthy Hard Knocks keeping the little guys down…

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Got any 6-6 Magnetars? Looking to relocate my Pillow Fort

abandon ship

Any c1’s for sale?

So… Based on all above msgs this post is a scam… Great stuff

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