Anomic Base - Angels - Can it be done in a battlecruiser?

Just looking for a fit or two for Anomic Bases. I’m planning on dual boxing the missions to increase standings. While I know the Vigilant is the main solo, what would it take to run a T2 fit battlecruiser?

@Madsam_Beacon what do you think?

you need three 90% web with heavy neutron to be able to track them. (actually two, three allow you to have more than 80% DPS)
(actually you need 90% and 78.3% after stacking penalty, and another 51.4% to apply correctly)

Make the math about their evasion. Can you get that tracking with another ship ?
(answer : 48 tracking /0.1 /0.227 /0.486 = 4350 tracking required)

Also command ships are forbidden (WHY ???)

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dual smartbomb bc should function.

can confirm this strat works

You can’t in any Bc. It would be cool if there were new Anom missions specifically for Bc,
same for Abyssal, no Bc allowed…

Not true. You can use tech 1 battlecruisers (including faction) for the base burners.

Smartbomb cyclones are nice make sure to use faction smartbombs though

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