Anomic Base: The one everyone skips and here's why

So i’m gearing up to jump into a burner, haven’t done this one so I figured I’d give it a try. I warp in and I lose the game immediately, but not In the way you’d expect. Instead of being instantly dismantled by the enormous dps this mission throws out (like most people) I was instead trapped into perpetual web/scram while tanking the DPS and unable to land a single shot on any of the fighters.

120km slowburn and an hour later I decide it’s time to send out an EvE S.O.S, because i’m actually one of the few EvE players left who dose not have an alt on stand by. My first contact is EvE Help (English) who then sent me to EvE Scout (not very helpful). Long story short I get out and a lucky pilot by the name of Sarah Starfox earned a quick 200m. For the sadists I will include the video link of only a few minutes of the encounter.


Ship: Odin Tanked Broadsword
Tracking with Depleted Uranium: 54.7 (All shots missed at 9km, max all gunnery)

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Well there are specific fits for every burner mission , people already ran them quiet often and created guides and fits for them , just use the fits which work 100%


Mega Oof

All I needed were two webby bois and It was GG. Booster was pointless, MWD pointless. I don’t think EvE should hold peoples hand because this is a game about dying until you learn not to die, but when the mission said “they have tiny signatures” I’m thinking they’re simply frigate sized that needs a bit of transversal RNG. Not that they’d literally be untouchable at my optimal.

In the same way they noted that you’d essentially need an omni tank they could have also emphasized the importance of propulsion tackle. “These thing are fast!” not “THESE HIGHLY SPECIALIZED FIGHTERS ARE ON STEROIDS AND DO ALL SORTS OF DAMAGE THAT YOU NEED TO TANK, SOME DO IT AT MAX RANGE…and they have small signatures” ? ? ? ? ? :weary::ok_hand:

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Singularity for the win…

Yeah it’s one of those things where you either hate or love the test server based on your own set of morals, code of honor, or whatever - but I have been spending a lot of time on the test server lately, because I’ve been gone for a while and with all these new updates and changes to game mechanics I felt like I had just woken up after being in a coma for 30 years and nothing made much sense anymore.

Run the Burner guides and you’ll find these are not so terrible but they are highly specialized.

Cheers Mate,




i assume you have not done the angel base yet. basically the same with these tiny dramiels.
thats why u should read the burner mission thread from @Jori_McKie.luckily @Chainsaw_Plankton posted also the link to the old forum lately there.

dont give a ■■■■ on the ingame description. burners are cheaters on steroids.

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Gratz on getting some help to complete the mission.

Eve Online is best when done sociably. I’m not talking about joining a Player Corporation. I’m talking about having a few different Player created chat channels open and active in the game.

As you already know, that allowed you to reach out for help and form fleet when it was needed. On the flip side, having various chat channels open and active also allows you to have various convo’s with others while you’re doing things solo.

Yeah, just a little help from friends makes all the difference.

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Having just recently rejoined after a 6-year break, I am glad I have declined the Anomic missions so far :confused:

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with the right fits they are easy and some of the best isk you can make.

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This burner is so damn hard, that most guides dont have a fit to run it at all and mandate skipping it.

The issues is the fighters have sigs UNDER 20 (when real ones are 45)–from testing, i think it’s about 18m. they also have ZERO mass, so their agility is instant, and off the charts high (i think CCP doesnt know they have zero mass, but web one, and they instantly change speed–not slowly change.

I worked for a week to create a fit that Hateless_gaming uses for this mission (go to in game channel by that name for the fit).

Dual web phantasm–absolutely destroys this mission.

With some abyssal webs that are over 62-63%, the thing blows by in about 12 minutes. That’s the fastest i’ve been able to get it done. Which is like twice as long as most other burners.

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Personally, I think the safest ship to use for this burner mission is the vigilant. Mine is dual web / dual rep and only one magstab so it takes quite a while but does the mission relatively comfortably.

However, as has been mentioned above, the mission takes so long that I almost always skip it too. I only run it nowadays when my standing is too low from declining a string of ‘bad’ mission offered by my agent.

As an aside : The bounty for 9 fighters and 9 bombers is also very low given the effort required to kill them. Especially when compared to the Angel Base.

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in the burner thread we had a discussion 7 month ago about how fast and safe this can be done.

during that i made a run on the testserver with a munnin in lazymode. done in 14 min, but i dont focused to much on killspeed.


If at all possible have you tried referencing this: EVE-Survival: Mission Reports for a possible strategy on how to tackle the site. I ask because I refer to this site when I play so I know what rats I will be facing and how long of a mission im on plus how many rooms it is. But ultimately I look at the recommended dmg resists and type of ship to use even though I never really change my mission ship… gotta love bastion armor (passive) tank with salvage abilities and self repair

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for burners eve survival is crap and your regular mission ship has nothing to do with burners.
just another post to mention that you love your passive armor tank?

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