Anomic Missions in 0.0

Here’s my video guide playlist that I still work on:

At this moment it dosen’t have guides for asimmu and talos base, but it soon gonna be fixed. I do this guides both in English and Russian so more people could use it and improve their wealth. Most of the footages are taken in Fountain NPC space where I usually operate.


Guide for Talos Anomic Base is now ready. Perfectly optimised to run in 0.0 (cheaper ships and propmods everywhere for survivability):

Here is another giude for same 0.0 NPC-space burner mission running playlist about how to beat Anomic Base Ashimmu and be able to run away from most of hostile camps:

I think more videos that cover 0.0 burners is a really nice thing especially for newcomers.
Thank you for sharing.

Now full guide on anomic (burner) missions in 0.0 NPC space is fully finished! Here is the link to youtube playlist where you can find fits for any mission and various involved account number.

So I’ve used the Kestrel in the Anomic Team and it is very effective, I did a lazy version of the strat and just orbited 22km on the main burner and waited for Logi to jam and run off and it worked fine. So fit is great and works perfectly for such a cheap ship. Very amusing.

Also did the Kikimora in the Angel Anomic Base and the kiting strat worked fine, very cost effective way of doing a mission that usually involves a 1bil+ Vigilant.

I do nullsec burners as well, so cheap is always attractive.

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Glad that u’ve found somthing useful for urself in my guide. Especially as a pilot having a nullsec agent running background. This guide was my way to contribute into community and also long and hard project. Cool to hear the feedback on topic. Fly safe or dangerous, guys! Let it be as u like it!