Another DDOS?

(Gaius Mileghere) #1

Just got socketed out twice in rapid succession, chat server on last login didn’t even load.

EDIT: make that 3, UI didn’t load at all this time. Eventually was able to log in, but socket closed almost immediately after selecting the character.

(Famout Highwind) #2

Also was kicked out mid flight and now not being let in, all other internet services working fine and speedtests reaches the correct speeds, so feels like something with EVE.

(Kamalla Aldeland) #3

Yep, at least 3k people just got kicked off. And can’t get login to process fully to get back in. It’s all timing out.

(Captain Thunderwalker) #4

accounts started closing and cant get back in… 1 toon made the cut though

(Netan MalDoran) #5

Yep, EvE offline is dropping like a rock.

Hackers unite to find this little f*ck and burn his house down >:c

(Netan MalDoran) #6

Its weird, my main account is always the first one to feel it by like 5 minutes O.o

(Captain Thunderwalker) #7

come on CCP… stop giving my wife points… she wont stop trying to get me to play her games

(QuakeGod) #8

Yep just got double socket closed popups and booted. Can’t even get back to character screen…

(Eye Hate Yu) #9

I dropped off in the middle of jumping to another system. Should be interesting to see where I log into when the DDOS finishes. Jovian space, hmmmm?

(Captain Thunderwalker) #10

you wish… and I do to

(Gaius Mileghere) #11

Right? I know where you’re at, my missus is trying to get me to do some weird paint by numbers thing where you spend 6 hours tapping your phone. I keep telling her, there’s fifty square yards of canvas in the attic, and plenty of paint, and we can frame the results! But no…

(Eye Hate Yu) #12

That was fun. Made it through!

(The Larold) #13

FWIW, my launcher is claiming connectivity issues. It says ‘Loading…’ and then I can’t even get a login / password dialog to come up.

Checking here was my first thought - glad I did.


I logged out and back into the client. Iv now manged to log back in and stay connected

(The Larold) #15

Aye - back in now for me as well.

(Netan MalDoran) #16

Numbers are rising, yay.

(Mark O'Helm) #17

There was a quite significant drop.

(Arthur Aihaken) #18

It would be nice if there was a bit more transparency when things like this happen. Usually I just log off and call it a day because waiting around for any kind of update is usual any effort in futility. Short of a massive DDoS attack there is seldom any kind of admission from CCP that there is a problem.

And where is our free SP already?

(CCP Falcon) #19

Hey guys,

This player drop was indeed due to a denial of service attack, but it was mitigated immediately and only caused a short player drop with no extended connectivity issues.

Tranquillity has remained solid since the initial drop, so we should be okay :slight_smile:

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(Zheketri) #20

Had some good luck or is the Kung-Fu getting stronger?