Another Historic Event Live (Apollo 13)

Relive the flight of Apollo 13 in real time. Fantastic webpage with all audio channels from mission control available…! Click on the blue button labeled “NOW” for a 50 year leap back in time. At the time of writing this post we are at T - 2h44min from lauch. Enjoy !!


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Using time of day

Sat Apr 11 1970

09:54:59 PM -400

50 years ago

Notice the critical choice of time for the virus, as if to compete against the project scientific integrity and assets (security).

The T minus 1 sequence.

Real time,
Mission Day: 1/7

Mission Phase:
Travelling to the moon

Crew Status:
In Command Module, docked with the Lunar Module

Current velocity (Earth reference):
10,084.1 feet per second (11,065.1 km/h, 6,875.5 mph, Mach 9.0)

Command Module:
Distance from Earth:
36,487.5 nautical miles (67,574.9 km)

22 hours -

Audio recordings , with transcripts on the left.

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