CCP and The Artemis Program To Return To The Moon By 2024

NASA’s 2024 Moon Mission** is called Artemis, and Will Need an Additional $1.6 Billion in Funding. The Moon’s going to have more human visitors in the year 2024 . NASA has announced that their mission to the Moon , which is named Artemis after the Greek goddess of hunting, has been advanced by four years, from 2028 to **2024.

What are CCP’s plans to host a live streaming of the launch and return of the Artemis mission from Earth to the Moon and then back again?

Will CCP plan on dedicating an entire Fan Fest event for each of the phases of the launch that would include the Launch, Travelling to the Moon, Exploring the Moon and then Returning To Earth?

I think that CCP would be a major host of such an event that leave an ever lasting imprint on old and new players alike. Just imagine, years from now sleeping in a lounge chair and a grandson or granddaughter niece or nephew wakes you up asking, “What is this?” and before you get all worried about the video cassette being the “wrong tape” you suddenly remember what is on the tape.

The Return to the Moon will be a Boom for all participating economies, guaranteed. Many aspects will be covered, beers, wines, whiskeys, Lunar Blankets with the exact spot where the landing took place, Lunar Kid Containers and love lotions not to mention the Return To The Moon Baby Making kits for all stages of the return, which will surely spice up any day not to mention any family tree.

Because like he said “I was there.”

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Why would they need to?

Unless CCP is owned by NASA, I dont see why people wont expect, oh, I dont know, NASa themselves to livestream the event. You know they have a YouTube channel that livestreams already, right?

The same could be said of nukes. Why would Russia or China or anywhere spend billions of dollars on developing, researching and building nukes when they aren’t being used or likely ever be used in war, let alone win any war, ever?

Oh that’s right. Countries develop nuclear weapons as a deterrent, not as a means to use them.

And that’s the point of having a well armed, well stocked army.

Looks pretty cool. We gon be livin on da moon.

This one is not an equivalent. Nukes prevent war. Their use is abstract. But it’s easy to confuse that they are useless since they arent blowing up cities.

The US isnt competitive anymore so it’s using its military to just take what it cant get by being better.

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No it’s not. Russia isnt deterred by the US having a million man army that cant even win in Iraq

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The difference between the US and Russia is Russia won in Syria and secured its objective of securing Russian control over European fertilizer markets.

The US lost in Iraq and Iran now controls Iraq.

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Speaking from someone whos ancestors belong to the only country that has ever had nukes used on them before, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Nukes have been used before.

And yes, it is absolutely an equivalent, a well armed, well trained army is definately something that China, or Russia, or North Korea needs to consider when they are discussing something with the US. The chances that US and China will wage war, actual war, against each other, are slim, because of the knowledge of each opponents capabilities, and it certainly is a form of deterrent. Anyone who says it isnt, is just fooling themselves.

Right, thats why its invading china because of all the rare metals that China holds.

Wait, no, thats not whats happening, at all.

Iran controls Iraq…lol

Its not “broke”, and if youre going to claim that, you have no idea how economy works on a global scale.

Win what?

You want to make a bet? 10 Years? Are you kidding me? Now whose dense.

Again, meaningless claim, without looking at other factors like year to year growth. Go and take a basic economy class.

Says you.

Last time Inchecked 110%debt to GDP is similar to countries like Nigeria and Sierra Leon. Or Kenya. Certainly not behemoth economies like China or India. Or the second strongest of ghe great powers by purchasing power. RUSSIA.

Iran is the 18th largest economy by purchasing power by the way.

See Leonid and Brezhnev. They gutted the professional core of USSR and it wasnt long after that mistakes made at Chernobyl blew up in their face.

Trump literally lost over half the US experienced civil service and did it just in 3 years!

I wonder what dangers lurk in the regulations they guarded to keep the US safe.

And who told you these were Russias goals? The russians? LOL.

Yeah, i was puzzled when you said it too. But its good you are able to laugh at your own stupidity.

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I mean when Russian soldiers expelled Iranian soldiers from Syrian Potash mines it’s literally F-ing obvious what their goals were.

You have no clue what you’re talking about as usual. Keep it up!

You literally think Iraq controls Iraq?

Muqtada Al Sadr and Suleimeini run Iraq.

This is why America is going down the crapper right here folks.

You dont even know how bad you failed.

I mean except the part where I do

Nothing makes you more out of touch with GDP growth and whats actually happening, than bringing up China.

Do you know why China has such large GDP growth? Are you aware of what a lot of analysts are saying about the actual growth of GDP for china? Are you aware that a large chunk of that GDP growth is based off of construction, which China does a lot of, but very poorly and isnt in any way viable? Have you heard of Ghost towns in China?

Jesus, this is painful to watch.

I’m sure a lot of British Imperialists said the same thing about Russia and the US. Right up until they went bankrupt in 1971 and Nixon had to take over the Petro-Sterling to make the Petro-dollar the sole reserve currency.

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I mean…you just described the US lol