Apollo... but not Tyrannos

Probably not the right place to ask it even if it can be linked to the Lore anyway, depends how it could be done.
My question will concern Apollo and will be adressed to CCP if it happens anybody see it.

But as the title says it, it is not about Apollo Tyrannos.

It’s all about Apollo 11.

50th anniversary of July 21th, First Step of Humankind on The Moon, is approaching. Does CCP plan to celebrate it ingame ? whatever the way it is done.
And could it be even done with a Lore event or at least with something that is added to the Lore ? Discovery of a shipwreck, old structure, a written document, a digital document, whatever artefact could be introduced but without any revolution in the Lore, just one more puzzle piece of the Lore.


Lore-wise, almost certainly not. The residents of New Eden don’t even agree that all of the humans came from a single planet; they certainly don’t know or remember anything concrete about Earth.

In general, though, it’s possible, and I certainly cannot speak for CCP. But considering the Space Oddity that appeared after David Bowie’s death, I’d think that your ideas about a mysterious relic appearing or such are not outside the realm of possibility.

Maybe there’s someone else who can speak more definitively on the subject…?


We don’t believe in Earth or moon landing in EVE

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Moon landing was fake!

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+1 for ‘mysterious relic’ like the Space Oddity, that looks suspiciously like a lunar module.

I don’t expect it to happen, because creating a new 3D model for a feature that doesn’t add much to gameplay would only happen these days on a CCP artist’s spare time.

But it IS possible - a lunar module is currently lost in space, who could say that it doesn’t eventually fall through a wormhole into New Eden. It’s described in detail here:


Yes sure, I wasn’t meaning something linked directly or explicitly to Earth.
It would be great to have something like a “mysterious relic” or any “mysterious artefact”.

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