When is the shortage of moon-poo over?

My fellow Ferengi,

can you give me an eta for when the moon-poo shortage is over and humans can buy stuff again?

Go to low sec and mine a moon. That would help. That’s literally the only thing that helps because null sec does not export enough anymore.

But wait, in the pursuit of more active mining, low sec moon mining was completely trashed … Yay CCP and their infinite wisdom. :roll_eyes:

Out of curiosity I was thinking about how semi-automating moon mining would turn out. Basically Athanor pulling the chunk and gathering random rocks for processing but at 50% of the speed of normal mining at most. Would mean more Athanors in low sec, I would say, and thus more moon mats and more structure content. And then I remembered CFC and the entire idea turned to garbage again because they would just stick an Athanor on every moon in Delve and Querious.

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Sure. Summer 2027.

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Omg star citizen will be out by then to super backers

Yeah, maybe the Alpha will be out by then. Chris roberts will have enough money to build a real space rocket by then too.

Honestly, I dont know if Elon Musk will be faster at putting a man on mars, or if Star Citizen will be released.

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So they don’t want any content in the entire game anymore. Explains a lot.

Thanks everyone.

shortage? i’ve had no problem getting as much moon-goo as I want for any t2 production, including building freighters. maybe its lower than it was, but there is still plenty available. I legitimately don’t understand what the problem is. please explain it.

Okay since it is very difficult to understand:

In 2016 you could buy a HAC for 160-180 million isk.

Now that same HAC cost 500 million isk.

Did the requirements of all HAC suddenly increase by 10x in a sneaky patch or is there so little moon-poo that we have to suffer those wild fantasy price tags?

That is just part of the story. Lets not forget that new upwell structures will be released soon ™ as well - meant to replace remaining starbase functionality (cyno jammers, jump bridges etc.) so some ppl are already hoarding PI in anticipation of demand spike. That increases at least PI part of story. Also lets not forget that we got recently assault damage control which increased popularity of HACs and AFs.

HACs are only one example of all t2 ships and gear. Even the tech 2 logi frigate are at a price range that excludes everyone who is not a goon or has 500 market and ratting bots.

I get that highec planets don’t have as much resources but I have seen the infinite recourse planets in nullsec and construction blocks don’t need very much to fill the launch pad.

Maybe people even like overpaying 800 million for a tech 2 battlecruiser or 4 million for an afterburner but I don’t.

Well if you mine the moon goo yourself, then your ships and modules will be free.


market prices change, thats the nature of the game. its unlikely that moon-goo supply is going to substantially increase since the changes have been around long enough for prices to stabilize.

also seriously, t2 logi frigs are so expensive that “only goons” can afford them? I got some bad news for you, if 30-40 mil for a hull is enough that you are “excluded”. then you are doing something SERIOUSLY wrong, since even for HS mission runners with one account thats chump change. and the problem is on your end rather than the markets. (which is kinda evident since despite the increased price, there has been no substantial drop in trading volume for those items)

I didn’t say I cannot afford them, I said I am not willing to yolo overpriced ships senseless into the blobb.

Solonius wrote 2027 not 3027. :wink:

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Ouuh oh well, no more pvp for me then.

Nope, quite the opposite.

Theres so much content in the game, that its hard to go out and mine a bunch of ore.

Current prices are slightly above the new normal. But not much.

One significant reason is the phenomenal amount of goo consumed in T2 capital modules. Every time there’s a big capital engagement, prices on T2 cap modules, and also moongoo, shoot up again.

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Not 500. I bought my sacriledge at 300 mill. Not sure which HAC cost 500 mill, but if you paid 500 mill, you paid too much. Maybe you should stop buying at a random outpost in eve, and not the busy trade hubs.

Its been like this for a year now, ever since they introduced moon mining. Not sure why youre just realizing this now.

First off, hisec planets do not have ANY of the most important moon minerals. They purposefully made it that way, so that we dont have over-production of T2 materials in hisec. We still need conflict drivers in nullsec over important moons.

Secondly, it takes about a week and a half for an athanor/whatever the other upwell structure name is, to tractor the moon chunk so that it becomes mine-able. That means that you need to schedule, and wait for a week and a half in order to mine your moon.

Its become a lot more tedious to mine for moon minerals. This is the cause of the increase.

I didn’t. Despite what some may think or believe, I do check prices before I go and buy stuff or not.

That is also not the case. I told everyone that this would happen and I gave it a year to see where the market is at.

I am talking PI, not moon poo. You know construction blocks are those brown looking thingies you need for making any t2 ship.

Ah finally. See that information is helpful. I do have a solution but you can probably already guess what I am going to say.

Yes, you are going to say that you have inadvertently allowed most people to respond to you at cross-purposes.

It became obvious early on that you were probably talking about PI but most replies have been about moon minerals ie “moon goo”. Your use of “moon poo” in the post title appears to have confused most people. Including me.