Historic occasion for all space travel enthusiasts

Today, 50 years ago as a young boy, I watched with fascination the live footage from NASA on the first manned lunar landing, Apollo 11, while my dad took pictures from the tv screen, knowing history was being established (no VCR’s yet). There is a live stream of the original footage from NASA today, starting today at 4.05 pm Eastern time, on their website, 50 minutes from posting this. You can watch the original footage as we did, 5 decades ago. May you feel the same tension and thrills, my fellow space travelers. Knowing now that Neil and Buzz landed the Eagle with mere seconds of fuel in reserve makes it even more exciting. Enjoy.


To all the people who say the moon was faked;

Explain the glowing orb in the night sky!


@Ramona_McCandless 100w low engery bulbs LOL

they only true moon walk was

Try again, comrade

If it was faked the TV images would not have sucked as bad as they did!

It was real, I was there.


Well, actually I was watching it on TV.


I will believe it once they land a woman on the moon.

On topic. That’s some historic stuff right there. Armstrong wasn’t wrong when he called it one giant leap for mankind.

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That’s all the evidence I need.

And bonus points for Captain Large and Pvt. Small

I wasnt born 50 years ago.

But I did buy the Lego Saturn 5 rocket thingy. And built it. It sits in my living room. Cause its cool.


All Lego is cool.

To some it’s an engineering challenge, to others it’s a toy. I just bought my 11 year old nephew the mobile crane technic kit for his birthday.

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I bought the lego saturn 5 kit purely for science.

That makes it a grown-up thing to do!

I also bought the Tron Lego kit too. For science, of course.


lol I was seriously considering the motorised excavator kit for myself.

For science obviously.


Of course. For science. We are scientists.


Ma only buys me Mega Blocks.

Its like Call of Duty to Lego’ s Halo.

Yea and in the 70s I watched Luke blow up the death star :roll_eyes:

Was it in a place where fictional narratives are shown on a screen or was it in the sky?

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… that comment sounds really dumb when you remember theaters showed the moon landings to both live on smaller tvs and projected reruns

Im not the one claiming the moon is fake when its clearly there every night.

Dumb is as dumb is, as Garfield always says.

But it’s not there keep up. The moon is a projection