Can we have this?

CCP,… PLEASE!!! :open_mouth:

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You had to dig deep for that 2006 clip.

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Don’t hold your breath. That ship sailed a long time ago.

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Dan is an alt and thus, doing this kind of stuff, a troll alt. His “nono, I’m really new” won’t fool anyone I would hope. Also, that video was shown in 2004.

why? what happend? :confused:

Oh wow - so much! A lot! If it interests you look up “eve atmospheric flight”

with google i only find very old threads, were people talk about the eve atmospheric flight lore and how and what ships should be able to fly there :confused:

also i tried the forum search function but i dont find any threads about this topic… sry maybe im too stupid lol

You can have it in today modern games, not in Eve …

No, you (probably :slight_smile: ) aren’t. The eve forums have been completely changed since the time atmospheric flight would have been being discussed, so there won’t be search results for that. Maybe try EveSearch? (might even be too old a subject for that, dunno)

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well i did not find any Information on atmospheric flight -.-

would be a very awesome feature but it seems like that there are players in this community who would hate it… wierd :confused:

More fun and interesting would probably be 0 gravity physics in deep space, and mathematical gravity physics effects around suns, planets and moons. The late and about to be great and early Eve’s competitor Jumpgate MMO had the 0 Gs piloting part, which was amazingly excellent. It was hard, and it felt like you were really maneuvering a craft where there are no X Y and Z axes, and no resistance to impede momentum or influence vector. The engine was developed by people in Germany, but eventually bought by game publishers in the U.S. Make of that what you will. (I’m originally from Texas).

Sadly, the player-hosted servers for the defunct for fully functional but graphically ugly Jumpgate game seem to be now defunct as well. But one guy is carrying on, at least to keep the ability to experience the amazing no gravity or atmosphere joystick/keyboard physics aspect of flying a small spacecraft, with a certain mass and a present velocity and path of travel going on. There are no brakes in space/Jumpgate, aside from rotating your craft and applying reverse thrust. Try not to splash against the station’s dilating entry portal.

If you have IT knowledge and like this kind of physics or joystick stuff, recommended.


but for that ccp need to rework the whole ship controll and combat system?! or am i wrong?

dont get me wrong, this sounds very interesting and atm im watching some jumpgate clips on youtube but this game seems more like elite dangerous :wink:

still would be nice if someone could give me some Information what happend to the atmospheric flight idea, the video i found proofs that ccp did work on it,… years ago… so what happend?

same thing like with captains quarter? community did not like it? ccp did not like it? just tell meee :smiley:


Eurogamer: Also: when are we going to get that incredible atmospheric flying demo implemented into the game?

Torfi Frans Olafsson: Haha. Do you mean when are we going to lynch the people that fooled people at Fanfest by mocking-up that atmospheric demo?

From here. There have been a few things teased with a preview over the years that have gone dark for various reasons like issues with legacy code problems, hardware limitations, change of direction, prototype testing for future release or for possible spinoffs like dust/valkyrie/nova type games etc.


Wonder why they abandoned it, looked nice.


thank you for that info! :slight_smile:

and yea, ist really sad that this feature didnt make it into the game!
well,… maybe someday, we can still dream :slight_smile:


Yeah will admit I didn’t mind the WiS feature even though the door never opened and would love to see it return one day as I think it would be pretty cool to walk around and interact with others in station. Same as planet landings if only to do basic exploration, or ring mining etc. I could dribble on for ages about features would love to see but yeah maybe one day.


yea it had so much potential!

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Hill bought only demo did not have enough money to buy whole product :smile:

We were supposed to get customizable SKINS and we never got that either.

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For sure there is so much potential for eve to continue to be here for many more years as it does have a loyal base of long time players, problem is getting and keeping newer players to stay especially since the newer games have so much bells and whistles but also very shallow, Eve while more established could use so serious buffs to the game in terms of PVE, PVP is totally available and open in the areas it needs to be.

Or totally change to platform to modern game engines to be able to bring eve 2.0 to the modern standards as far as codes so they can add even more to this well established game, but then the long time loyal base would find it difficult to transition probably.

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