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[A female figure wearing a deep red kybernaut combat suit steps into the view of the camera. Behind her, the red light of Wirashoda’s star glitters through a station window-- apparently the old Caldari station repurposed now as the Veles Clade Bioadaptation Chambers near Wirashoda VIII. Her platinum blonde hair is cropped short at her jawline. She smiles warmly before speaking.]

To my beloved Kybernauts–

Two years have passed since the glorious day of our victory. On this second anniversary of the creation of Pochven, I send greetings to all of you who helped to make this achievement possible. May you celebrate this glorious Totality Day in good health, with all those you love and care for by your side.

To our opponents in the great Proving–

Two years have passed and still we defy you. On this second anniversary of our victory in Proving, I send greetings to all of you who vigorously opposed us at every turn. Your efforts failed, but we are all stronger for having struggled in combat. May you mark this Totality Day in reverence, with the thoughts of those you loved and lost living on in your remembrance.

To Edward Adams of the Line of Adams–

Two years, @MantelGlobalIndustries - how long will you deny yourself the inevitable? When the future becomes the present and you see how much time you wasted delaying what could have been yours from the beginning, you will curse yourself. Come and see me, Edward Adams. Let me show you the paradise that Vale is becoming, and what part you could have played in its transformation.

The woman smiles again, and the image goes black.



Please don’t tempt my CEO, he is under a lot of stress already, and flirting with him will only make his decisions all the more difficult. He is focused on helping the Federation and by extension all mankind.

Triglavians are a threat to current civilization, and capsuleer pilots who support Triglavian philosophy and efforts are slightly less bad, but still a threat. So any “smiles” given, albeit friendly in nature, are delusions of what may lie ahead should one choose such path.

Please stay in your Pochven systems, I’ll admit Triglavians earned by force and might the right to manage those systems. but expanding your influence outwards is just inviting for repercussions.


Varyazi Clade has been fighting hard, damn hard, behind the scenes in the emergent conflict zones of New Eden to ensure to security and success of Pochven. In doing so however, we spread ourselves thin this year and most of our forces are salting the cluster celebrating with their detachment, squad, or themselves alone in whatever way they see fit this weekend. The mission can continue after we’ve taken our time to remember and reflect on Varyazi’s role within the community and what brought us to our current position.

The return of Sahara for her statements this year has been a great morale boost for our comrades, and warranted some reflecting on my part as well. As the situation in Pochven continues to build and our people tire, it becomes more and more apparent that our true place now is not in the Forests of Glorification. As we move through autumn toward winter, Krai Svarog calls us home.

This Totality Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to the development of Pochven and our mutual defense! How quickly we forgot how strong we are united, how soon it was when every grudge and difference that fermented during the weaving between us boiled over into open conflict. Varyazi, as freeblades, were willing to assist whoever kept us in wears between the clades because proving had become our way. But it weakened us. Tested our alliances. So to avoid being torn between the squabbling we looked outward. That spread us thin while the infighting squandered time that could have been spent consolidating.

Had the capsuleers of the Old World not struck a blow against us, I should say they could have just waited us out until the Clades tore an opening themselves to walk into our cities and fortresses. I simply couldn’t be happier at their audacity in reminding us of the need for strength, unity, and equity to hold all we have worked to build. The Empires of the Old World are not our “true enemy” and we need not make a mission of escalating things to a war of extinction on either side. Gods and spirits, they seem just as fragmented as we are these days. But we must remember that they are a competent, ever present adversary and take our common defense seriously if we are to mutually succeed. We must focus on our strengths, develop the region, and build our defenses should a confrontation once again be inevitable.

I applaud Veles for their withdraw from Skarkon. I greatly understand Svarog’s decision to consolidated around their core industry and gladly take the opportunity for Varyazi to fill in patrolling the frontier and developing the wide tracts of land left vacant or in the hands of the Khumatar. Lastly, I raise a glass of red to the Provisional Vale Government of Unity and the Triglavian Revolutionary Organization for setting the example for peaceful cooperation and mutual development for the people of Pochven.

S nami Svarog. S nami Veles. S nami Varyazi. S nami Stribog.


It is quite alright, Captain Colcer. If I could withstand our dear self-styled monarch’s advances for months whilst we defended our homes and took the fight to the Collective’s supporters, I can most certainly resist for the duration of a forum post. Although, I would contest that they have the right to manage those systems. My position and that of the Federation authorities is that they remain the sovereign territories of the Federation under illegitimate occupation. This has not changed and will never change.

To my dear, august sovereign of your predominantly crimson domain that you have so colourfully labelled ‘space hell’.

In another life, perhaps I would have joined in service to you, had I still been brainwashed by the State’s lies and remained under their influence that the ends justify the means and associated immorality. Perhaps I would have bent the knee to you and rose again as your King Consort, swearing allegiance to your cause and that of the Collective, as you seduced my former comrades and other Staters with your honeyed words and promises of glory.

But you know that I will not in this life. My spirit has been saved from that odious fate by those in the Federation that never gave up on me in attempting to rescue me from the crooked path I was travelling. It has been bolstered with my calling to Federal Service, not for a petty corrupt few, but for all those that call themselves citizens of the Federation member states. The defence of Liberty and the pursuit of Justice for all fuels my resolve, where all can find respite irrespective of personal strength or weakness. Where all life has the intrinsic value of being precious and sacred without exception.

At the risk of appropriating your vernacular and philosophy, permit me to prove myself by my unwavering belief in the greater good of what the Federation stands for, and in eternal opposition to what you stand for. Just as you prove yourself in the eyes of the Collective with your resolute ferocity and vigour in defence of what they have given you. With my continued denial to accept your future as my own, our mutual proving continues. And as you told me once, who would you be to deny another’s proving?

Know that just as you offer me a place at your side, I too offer you a chance at renouncing your chosen path. It is not too late to turn back from the abyss, and I would be remiss if I were not to give you the same options as I was given by my dear friends, even if I know the answer remains unchanged.


Edward Adams
Of the Line of Adams
Federal Caldari
Nadire Security Consultants


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