Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

Prepare for emergency operational move in 5-48h
EXPECTED NUMBERS: unknown, possibly large
BASE: Maintain current operations both dockside and mobile base
MEDICAL: standard readiness, combat trauma possible, biotoxin (incl Deathglow) readiness necessary, Vitoc emergencies possible, malnutrition unlikely, highly infectious agents unlikely
SECURITY: standard base security, expect friendly docksides, raid & dropship escorts possible on short notice
TRANSPORT: enemy space standard operations
CULTURAL: general refugee spiritual counseling

See attached for details. Fate & Luck.


Notice To Travelers
Criminal Activity Sees Upswing in Aokinen
Aokinen Constellation, Black Rise

DED, State and local system law enforcement has issued a travel advisory for the Aokinen constellation, warning of an increase in criminal and subversive movement detected along the spacelanes in the region.

Pirate raids on commercial and private travel have decreased in the weeks following the recent construction of the gate linking the Samanuni system to the Placid system of Athounon. But Navy and local authorities have detected an increase in the movement and activity of various elements connected to the local underworld, including but not limited to the Guristas crime syndicate, the Blood Raiders cult, various smuggler and illicit mercenary companies, and even appearances of vessels belonging to the Serpentis Corporation.

Experts postulate that the heightened presence of State and Corporate Naval forces have caused this flurry of activity, but others have theorized the recent rumors of a turf war between Guristas and Serpentis forces likewise contributes to the tumultuous situation across the constellation. Still others have put forward theories of Federation and FIO infiltration intended to spy on and destabilize Navy and commercial activity in anticipation to a full-scale invasion of Black Rise.

DED and Navy leadership has advised caution and increased security for anyone intending to travel through the area.


Internal Network Alert
Evacuations continue at pace, multiple successful runs from assorted affiliate pilots from Turnur I station to Avenod, Traun, and Audaerne exit stagings, medical supplies and general rations distributed. Evacuees increasingly desperate, recommend increased security for evacuation operations. Modular planetary launch sites and storage facilities deployed, hardening of storage and launch facilities as emergency bunkers in-progress, unknown if countermeasures will be enough for those unable to get out. Operations continue.


Internal Network Alert
Evacuation of Turnur I - Republic Parliament Bureau largely complete between UNF evacuation force efforts and other entities, refocus final flights on Turnur I evacuations in final lead out hours. Warclone volunteers from Sain baina Shar.Meyzmul Pruuzan Accordiat warclone clan have been deployed in evacuation oversight positions at all current planetary launch pads. fortified planetary storage facilities continue to be reinforced in hopes that they can be used as final shelter points against potential cataclysmic coronal mass ejection and gamma ray burst.


Lord Aslan Ul-Qosh’s, the Planetary Holder of Oris, order of a vassal house levy has resulted in a flurry of activity in the Jad-Gheinok region of Oris. The order was not a surprise, given the census of a year ago, but even an expected mobilisation order entails a great deal of work. Chapter Master Lok’ri, Holder of the Lok’ri valley, has been on Oris for several months, coordinating the security studies projects at the Chapterhouse. In the last week, they have been seen throughout the valley consulting with recruitment officers. Lady Shirin Varaz has also returned to Oris to organise her holding’s mobilisation. The holding is less militarised overall, so the process is slower than in the Lok’ri valley, which has been heavily modernised and militarised in the last decades.

In other news, the theme of the punishing divine light of God has become much more prevelant in the poetry scenes associated with the university sector of Dam-Torsad. The poems range from triumphalist declarations of how divine light repels barbarism and bolsters the throne to ruminations on heretical hubris being punished by holy light.


Unconfirmed reports of questionable provenance from the Federal Occupied Territories, particularly from the Vale system, have identified the Paramount Executive of Stribog Clade Sahara Jackal and an unidentified male individual on the surface of Vale II. An image captured by a surveillance drone captured several images of the Paramount and her companion, against a backdrop of one of the countless urban cities under Collective occupation.

Although the identity of the male individual cannot be readily discerned, as he is obscured due to wearing a completely sealed environmental suit, suspicions on the identity of the man in question have been raised after the Paramount’s recent offer to Commander Edward Adams broadcast on a public interstellar forum to visit the Occupied Territories. That the male individual in question is wearing an environmental suit of a design that is not unlike those employed by the Federation Marshals Service has only fuelled the rumours that swirl between the alleged relationship that the two share, despite explicit hostility whenever the two are seen in public.


Poster Confiscated by Federal Marines, Navyii Akat, Intaki V

"The feds might have swept in today, but they got a lot of work to do. Squids are still everywhere, obviously, but its a mess. Different everywhere of course, a lot of executives its just business as usual. You’re an immigrant in the Fed proper now, sign here please! Other places though? Its like they’ve wanted blood for a long time on both sides, and nows the perfect excuse.

“The Caldari workers especially, they’re the most hardcore. Especially those All-Mountain folks. Already you hear about entire factories of workers walking out at the drop of a hat, management and civil officials disappearing off the street, and strange lights in the Akat Mountains. I’ve seen them cornering people, recruiting anyone walking alone pushing them into it while they’re in a pack of five or six. Yeah, really looks like things are gonna get worse before they get better.”

-Local Witness Statement, Caller Chose to Remain Anonymous


Dated 01:42 NEST, 11/08/YC124
News has surfaced of a violent incident on Freatlidur II involving the death of a capsuleer Emilia Dallocort just hours ago.

The temperate planet of Freatlidur II has been the site of an ongoing ground war between Soche clan warriors and Frels Orrostumaðr militants. Emilia Dallocort was reportedly on her way to Soche clan territory when the incident happened. Having docked at an orbital station, she departed from her pod and transferred into a drop ship, which began its controlled descent towards the planet surface. At 22:37 NEST, 11/07/YC124, while nearing the planet surface, Ms Dallocort’s drop ship was fired upon by Frels air defense systems. Projectile and laser systems crippled Ms Dallocort’s landing ship, causing it to crash land into a nearby forest. Soche clan warriors mobilized immediately after receiving notification via automatic alert systems, however by the time they arrived on site with aid, Ms Dallocort was already deceased.

The autopsy confirming Emilia Dallocort’s death reports bruising across her body from the crash landing. While it seems that she survived the initial impact, Frels Orrostumaðr soldiers had quickly surrounded the crash site after. Emilia Dallocort and her handful of security guards were fired upon by the militants, resulting in three 8mm bullet wounds to Ms Dallocort’s torso and one 6mm bullet wound to the side of her head. Her security guards were found in a similar state, all deceased. Remaining Frels militants were fought off by Soche clan troops upon their arrival, who secured the site and Ms Dallocort’s body.

While it has been confirmed that capsuleer Emilia Dallocort has been successfully revived from backup after confirmation of her death, it is also rumored that she may have lost several weeks of time.


Varyazi Clade Garrisons, Recons Skarkon Territorial Frontier

Provisional Vale Government of Unity Communique
Elstumagald District, Skarkon, Krai Svarog, Pochven

While Svarog forces consolidate power in strongholds and orbital infrastructure, the warclones of Varyazi Clade have taken advantage of the relative calm to garrison territory previously torn between STRA, Veles, and Svarog clashes.

The Provisional Government of Vale can only speculate on why and how the Svarog Siege Elites of Skarkon were able to reach accord with the Veles host, though it is believed to be tied to the series of surprise attacks launched by EDENCOM-allied forces on the orbital shipyard facility. While it appears that both parties opted to cease hostilities on Skarkon to unite against counterrevolutionary insurgents, combat against Kril Efrit’s Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army has reached a low point since the beginning of Svarog occuptation. It is indeed possible that the arrangement made between Veles and Svarog might well have detailed the humane treatment of occupied civilians still on the planet.

We cannot discount Svarog’s philosophy toward Combat Proving however-- In fact the question of whether Svarog cannot completely unset the Resistance Army or if they somehow feel that the former Minmatar tribesmen have earned some form of regional autonomy may be a distiniction without a difference so far as the Clade is concerned. Regardless, as a stable status quo of low-intensity conflict is forged on the planet the warclones of Varyazi Clade have sought to take up stewardship and pioneer territory previously administered by Svarog during the initial invasion. With the retreat to Clade strongholds, strategic commander Galm Eskola-Fae has announced his intention to lead his people into new territory to pioneer and develop the land just as they had in Molden Heath prior to the Skarkon War.

The first step, they have stated, is to recon and assess the area’s viability for settlement, map any new changes since the start of the conflict, and ledger the status of any civilians still remaining that call the region home. This includes conducting simple non-invasive studies on detained prisoners to inspect their genetic makeup for signs of bioadaption. They also claim to be screening for cancers caused by tactical nuclear weapons and various forms of contamination caused by military munitions, and pledge to report their findings to the Bosena Accords Round Table Assembly to requisition humanitarian aid for any wards living in Varyazi settlements. While skirmishes remain a daily occurrence, direct conflict between Varyazi mercenaries and the STRA has fallen greatly in recent months. With Kril Efrit issuing STRA support vessels away from combat support roles in Skarkon to assist in the relief of Turnur, its unknown if the Tribal Resistance has the capability to resist Varyazi’s homesteading ambitions.

Varyazi mercenary surveying Elstumagald wearing a dropsuit modified with scavenged Gallente, Amarr, Minmatar, and even Triglavian components.


Chandeille - Lirsautton V

Renowned biochemist Li Orii in custody after indictment by Jin-Mei court

Mr. Orii, a Sang-Do biochemist whose papers on Clone Degradation, and Memory Therapy earned him several sizable grants towards private research projects, has been indicted on charges of extensive malpractice following multiple whistle-blowers speaking out.

Debate has been widespread over the charges as said whistle-blowers are reportedly of Saan-Go decent, though details of the alleged malpractice are as yet, unknown.


A sit down restaurant in Jita

Faux wooden beams stand next to cream walls dried barley and wheat flowers hang on the walls a couple of ornate barrels stand around the room each displaying numerous old fashioned drinking vessels.

Bright light shines out from possibly fake wicker lamp shades.

Various size wooden tables are arranged around the room.

At one such table two men sit in front of one is placed a plate of stuffed pasta squares the waiter who listens intently at a distance knows these to be filled with fish costing more money than he will make in a week.

This first man is an Intaki everything from his tone of voice to the silver band he wears suggests this. The man’s face is tattooed and scarred, looks made at him are returned with a cordial smile followed by a cold one when continue to linger.

The second man is a Sebiester as one himself this is also obvious to the waiter however this man carries himself differently his suit is high collard in a fashion worn by businessmen and politicians. The mans face is studded and also carries tattoos not a single hair can be found on his head or face. He is eating a platter of various meats a cheesed shocking no one this is also a high ticket meal.

The Intaki - I
The Sebiester - S

S: Enjoying your meal my friend.

I: Indeed I am, yourself?

S: Yes I am.

I: To business then, I think I will need your services as an intermediary again, though this time it might be a longer term deal this time.

S: I am intrigued please continue.

I: Oh I won’t go into detail here however this will not be as straight forward as the Nisuwa affair.

S raises an eyebrow: Please note I did not bring that up. But I understand please arrange for the money to be sent in the usual way.

I: Of course.

The waiter is distracted by another guest but does manage to catch the entire meeting on holoreel.

The Sebiester also notes the waiter.

Many hours later the meeting has been uploaded on to a neocomm and forward to a contact. It might make him a week’s salary might make him a day’s.

A sound distracts the waiter red, viscera splashes across the desk at which he is seated his lifeless eyes don’t see his wallet jump tenfold.


ArSec General Alert
Due to increased movement of militarized forces in the nearby vicinity, all defensive action stations are being returned to Heightened Alert Status 3.
Clone Pilot squadron recruitment is being increased, interested personnel should inquire with Wing Commander Kelmoren or Wing Commander Disentin for further details on procedure process.
All Orbital Installations will be receiving further upgrades to shield and hull integrity systems, upgrade to be overseen by Warmind Glitter Edifice, any personnel requested by the Warmind are to follow orders as if given by the Director.
Federal Intelligence Office and Federation Navy personnel aboard all Eugales Superproject affiliated installations and platforms are to be kept under Advanced Monitoring Protocol 14.


BlackLace.GalNet Offering Free 7-day Premium Video Access, Enter Promo Code: spanksgiving
Offer expires 25.11.YC124

Do you recognize this sender? Y / N


Starting today a new holo-ad can occasionally be seen playing in Jita 4-4 and sporadically in the other major trade hubs as well:

Do your hard working crew and your hard working self a favor and have your cap charges loaded by hot girls in bikinis and hot studs in even hotter hot pants (selectable at checkout).
Get your very own BOOSTER BABES™ Booster Container from contracts available at Jita 4-4 today.
BOOSTER BABES™ - make your boring everyday life less boring!

BOOSTER BABES™ is a registrated trademark of the Hansei Taashedeko corporation.
Charges are loaded with 800 GJ each, suitable for medium size vessels only.


The Verge
Amygnon and Adjacent Systems Continue to Enjoy Newfound Economic Growth

Amygnon, Kiartanne District - It has been months now since the initial fortification projects started by the Federation government in Amygnon and surrounding systems. While the sudden military buildup came to the shock of many citizens, many of them are grateful to have a greater sense of security nearby. Furthermore, local businesses across a variety of sectors has been booming thanks to the massive influx of jobs and personnel.

Taking a look across the district, tourism on the ocean world of Theruesse III has seen a massive spike in recent months. The district capital on Theruesse III, Courzieu, has especially seen a massive uptick in tourist-related industries. Economic analysts note that it is due to those military personnel in the Federation Armed Forces who are either returning from their tour of duties or trying to celebrate before departing for their tours. In the technology-minded system of Ellmay, the presence of such a massive Federation military nearby has sparked a surge in business for various segments in the technology industry - from small electronics all the way up to electronics relevant for outposts and capital ships.

The massive agricultural production facilities on Ansalle III have also reported an uptick in sales of products thanks to the increased population as a result of the Federation military buildup. Meanwhile, in Amygnon, there has been an influx in citizens applying to join the Federation Armed Forces. Various military manufacturing firms have been able to secure a wealth of new contracts with the Federation military. One of the most prominent weapons manufacturers, Aristidian Starworks, has managed to gain tremendous funds thanks to a number of contracts it won.

So long as the Federation military presence continues to remain, it looks like Kiartanne will continue to flourish under the wings of prosperity.


Saisio Eskeitan! Rebrands under new name.

Wiyrkomi Observer


by Kuvilha Ukilhaara

There has been an announcement today that popular Achura holo-tuber group Saisio Eskeitan! Will be rebranding under a new name, Seituoda Eskeitan! The move comes as the group was acquired by Seituoda Taskforce Command and its intellectual properties were transferred to the new owning company.

Managing Director for Seituoda Eskeitan! Tsuneshi Ryuzouji has assured the groups avid fans that the lighthearted and wholesome entertainment will remain unchanged and will continue to be broadcast on Quafe GalNet streaming services.

“While we may have a new name for our group, the girls of Seituoda Eskeitan! Will continue to strive to warm the hearts of their fans and admirers across the cluster!” Said Managing Director Tsuneshi Ryuzouji on corporate social media.

The new name comes with new lore for the idols of Seituoda Eskeitan! Having completed their military training and service at a fictional military academy on Achura they have come to be corporate contractors at Seituoda Taskforce Command where Director Ryuzouji claims, “The girls of Seituoda Eskeitan! Will uphold the unimpeachable honour of the Seituoda family and teach foreign audiences about the culture and traditions of the Caldari people with the verve of youthful soldiers.”

The new name has been received well among the group’s legion of fans in the Gallente Federation where it has become popular and gained a cult following.

User xXRaataSoldierXx appears to have summarized the views of fans of Seituoda Eskeitan! In the Federation, “I’m ready to defend the Heiian of the Wiyrkomi and my queens of Seituoda Eskeitan against all haters don’t @ me” While appearing to post an image of themselves wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, wielding a replica of a curved Raata-era sword.


Announcement by Order of the Herald’s Office

Embargo lifted by the Ministry of Internal Order

The Herald to the House of Melenkurion announces the following:

The streets of Nujel’ Mogh, demesne capital of the Emirate of Ilushu-Nâsir and Dûr-Sharrukin were thronged with jubilant crowds celebrating the news of the Decree of Vindication issued for Emira Andelain ur-Melenkari three days ago.

Lady Andelain had been brought before a Court of Judges on a number of serious matters, along with her brother, his Eminence the Abbot Palatine. Once the deliberations were completed, her ladyship invoked her ancient right to Ordeal by Combat, and laid this petition directly upon the Council of her liege lord, the Duke of Mekhios. As tradition has it since time immemorial, the petition was duly granted and her accusers from the Kindgom of Khanid were required to send a champion to press their cause.

As the accused, and befitting the Hornmaiden of the Kataphractoi of Lyr, Lady Andelain chose the lance and shamshir, taking the Field of Divine Justice on Sarum Prime in ornate golden mail and helm, mounted upon her favourite steed Cyraxes. The accuser’s champion, one Cumani Dolroth, did great honour to the Ordeal by reciprocating in the garb of the ancient Khanid warriors of the steppe, dark leather and black steel, armed with a wicked serrated kilij, crouched lightly on a nimble pony.

The Blessings and Invocation done, the combatants rounded upon one another with fierce blows, whereupon God clearly showed His Favour by parting the louring clouds overhead. A piercing shaft of sunlight illuminated the field. Such was the sudden glare from Lady Andelain’s fabulous armour, her opponent quite lost his advantage of agility, and his head was struck from his shoulders in a single blow.

The Presiding Prelate and delegates of the Sarum Council who had attended immediately declared that Lady Andelain had been found by God to be entirely innocent of all charges, and that her name and titles, and those of her brother, be immediately restored and duly honoured.

Thus is the Will and Mercy of God bestowed upon the Righteous.

On her return to the Kalat-al-Hambra palace, the Emira announced a week of celebration and offerings to God. In reverent gratitude, she bestowed full freedom to the entire household staff of the palace, and his Eminence the Abbot-Palatine did likewise to those faithful estate slaves of the Abbey of the Purified Heart of St Venefice. A full company of Imperial Marines identified by the Navy as having served with distinction and which had been bred in the Abbey’s facilities were also granted their full freedom.

Thus does the Munificence of God redouble upon all the Faithful.

In other news, Eskalon lar-Melenkuri, patriarch of the cadet branch of the House Melekurion who had earlier submitted a Petition of Attainder, was tragically killed in a building collapse along with his entire family and several servants. It is understood that there were also a number of prosecution witnesses from the earlier trial visiting at the time. Their families are being contacted. Local authorities have started an investigation on behalf of the Emirate as there are some claims that Minmatar terrorists may have been to blame. The usual suspects have been rounded up.


Faithful of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist have joined demonstrators outside Caille’s Aidonis Elabon Building. Protesting the presence of Amarrian loyalist organization LUMEN, the sedevacantists have been seen carrying three sorts of things through the streets:

  1. A unoccupied replica of the Amarr Golden Throne, symbol of the sedevacantist movement.
  2. Garish, florescent signs with writing in big Kabel Black typeface stating “God hates LUMEN”. Other signs repeat the sedevacantist slogan “Sede Vacante”.
  3. Teaser posters advertising the upcoming holoreel Eyes for Faith, the third in the series of The True Emperor holoreels. The posters feature an Achuran woman, mostly out of frame except for half her face (and its striking orange hair and eye adorned with heavy pink eye shadow) and one leg, the latter bare but for a dangerous looking stiletto high-heel.

Footage has surfaced from Raravoss III - initially shown during a small gathering last month, the uneditted material spilled onto several GalNet locations:

Camera drone footage shows 20 or so people inside a courtyard, some at the entrance to an estate, the rest by a destroyed and smoking gate. The markings on the walled courtyard are clearly that of an Amarrian holder, but all Imperial symbology has been defaced in some fashion, with others completely removed. One person steps forward, heavily armoured, with a energised glaive in their hand and a ornate scrambler pistol in the other

“I am il-Khan Paladin Kley. I am here to remove the taint that this place brings to The Empire.” announces the individual, the voice modulated somewhat by the helmet, designed to inspire fear in those that they face. “Stand aside or you will be struck down.”

Two of the people by the estate immediately throw their weapons aside and comply with the command, clearly not wanting to fight. The rest raise their weapons, one calling out:

“Yeah, but no. The Empire has abandoned us, and so has God!”

There is a moment of pause, before a simple, terse response is made:

"Die then."

The combat is exceptionally short and violent, the armoured warrior moving with speed that belies the weight of the armour on them. A cloak flicks up from the il-Khan, and various still shots show that the cloak is a collection of triglavian bioadaptive masks, some dulled by the ashy warzone, but several have been painted in gold, bringing out the Amarrian symbol from them. The footage flickers with actinic flares from the energised weapon, the corpses of those slain having an molten appearance around their armoured torsos.

The only person to move from the party at the gates is the il-Khan. the remainder standing firm to prevent any escape. The only survivors are the two that surrendered early on and one more, the one that spoke back to her. Grabbing the final surivior and starting to drag them back to the destroyed gate one more audible line is heard before the camera drone is shut down:

“Take those two for interrogation. Destroy this place and kill everyone in it.”


Advertisements are popping up on Help Wanted boards in Mehatoor and surrounding systems:

Help needed, a Chamberlain of Protocol or Elite Slave trained in Protocol. Please send information directly to Lord Jason Statesman Moradian to arrange an interview. Finders fee will be paid to appropriate individuals assisting in the acquisition of needed staff member.