Another month goes by of no word from CCP regarding desync

And here it is between certain times 7 days a week this still occurs for hours on end every single day 12s desync? This happens every single day and my only options are to krab, or log off. PVP is unplayable. This game is literally unplayable for me and tons of other people because there are no improvements regarding this issue. If 1 tick servers aren’t bad enough, when response times are 2-12 seconds for every action there is literally no point in playing skillfully other than just feeding ships to bad fights dying to lag or logging off completely, and waiting until something is done about it. Nothing has even been announced regarding fixes or even working towards a fix. Guess it’s time to unsub soon. RIP eve 2008-2020.

I will add I have done personal internet tests regarding packet loss, speed tests, and stability and there is nothing wrong on my end. Every other online game and application works fine. My download/upload is fine, ping is fine, etc. I’m not going to buy a VPN to workaround an issue in a game that I am subbed to.



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