The daily lag has become officially annoying

The daily lag has increasingly become more frustrating and annoying. EVE is the only game I have a problem with.

It’s consistently every day now for the last 2 weeks. It lasts from downtime until 7PM EST time. At 7PM it magically fixes itself. It’s obviously not just me, as many players are reporting the same exact problem that gets resolved at the same exact time. I’ve canceled my subs as since this doesn’t affect everyone in the game it has zero priority at being fixed. Not sure if it’s an issue with your DDoS mitigation company you use or what but it’s made it so that I cannot play for most of the day. It’s unplayable for 12 hours everyday, at the time that I play most, so paying for a game I cannot play seems silly. Hopefully it gets resolved as I’d love to enjoy the game, but as a fairly new player (around 1 year) it seems this is a constant problem. It’s just a crapshoot if it’s going to affect me or a different group of players.

and again, EvE is the only game that has this issue. I can play every other game and get a very consistent low latency and have none of the issues I experience when playing EvE which are; complete lag spikes where nothing responds for 1-20s, massive rubberbanding, D-Scan doesn’t refresh, cannot fetch any market data, character sheet doesnt load, agency doesn’t load, sometimes it takes several minutes to undock or jump a stargate/wormhole, modules do not activate, etc.

Please resolve this, and no I’m not going to purchase a VPN to play a single game.


I have the same problem

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