Another simple thing CCP will never ever do

As I said about 10 posts ago. All this data is already available on the API. The data for each individual system is visible on dotlan when you view any individual system, so go learn some programming and put it together into some pretty graphs instead of venting your spleen on the forums.

Complaining that CCP won’t load the tin-foil cannon you have pointed at their own forums is just a little bit silly, don’t you think?

Also no, hard data doesn’t stop lies, it just reinforces arguments. Data is open to interpretation and while it can be quite convincing you need to make sure you’re looking at it holistically. Stuff like simply looking at who is online and where doesn’t really tell the whole picture, but it could certainly be used to tell a skewed story if one were so inclined.

It it very unlikely that any data you could possibly get on population numbers by sec status would show anything as irrefutable as you seem to think it would.


I get the feeling the overall PCU is low because idiots keep going on about how low the PCU is, even when it’s not and every time someone cries “the sky is falling!” more people leave because that’s what they think everyone is doing. Continuously telling everyone EVE is dying is a good way to kill it off, which is why (tinfoil on) I’m pretty sure everyone doing it is a representative from a competing interest.

I think you’re right - CCP would never do this. But neither would any other company.

Why don’t you try to do it manually from Map/API/Dotlan data?

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This might be tinfoil but at least it’s quality tinfoil.

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Not sure what granular data such as that would show, that isn’t already available? Unless you’re worried about deck-chair arrangement?

Those are all the same thing. The map is a representation of the API data and that’s what Dotlan uses for what’s displayed on its website…


Note that there was no questioning, no predictions, just a statement about something OP thinks CCP would never do (even though they’ve already been doing it for a decade.)

So… ok.

To be fair, CCP provides the data via their API, which many companies wouldn’t do.

Now anyone call me a white knight, I dare you. :unicorn: