What if

…crappy log in numbers have nothing to do with scarcity but this stupid boring delve war that was supposed to be over last christmas or something and literally 50% of null sec people cbb anymore logging in for pings but since besides farming sanctums, havens, forsaken hubs and ore sides thats all they do.

So 50% or more of null sec doesnt log in anymore and thus player numbers are down.


Supposedly the big push to end the war “one way or another” starts this weekend… :roll_eyes:

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What if lower log in numbers correspond to a change that made a certain playstyle impossible, a playstyle that used many multiboxed accounts online 24/7 which skewed the old login data?

The big dip was right at the time AFK cloaking stopped being a strategy.

Of course we also have other reasons as well, such as start of summer, less time for corona hobbies now that people are vaccinated, and yes, the delve war may also have something to do with it. But I doubt it is the main reason.


What if people stopped making drama and troll threads?


I always said that the redhead is to blame for everything…

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Mostly the sledgehammer CCP took to the economy to fix thier own ■■■■ ups. Players told them for years certain gameplay elements would wreck the economy because of inflation. If they had rebalanced said gameplay then instead of now they would have never have had to even consider Scarcity.

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I LOVED the Marvel comic book series What If !

As for this thread, well… NO. The Scarcity is to blame, period.

Interesting how the scarcity update was long before we saw a reduce in player login numbers. Almost as if there is no correlation at all.

Delayed effects. Sometimes things don’t hit until a couple years afterwards.
Look at Climate Change. We were warned 30 years ago but are only now starting to sea how bad it’s getting.
Just like some personal decisions don’t seem so bad after a few weeks but let enough time pass and you can see how it blows up in your face.
Things have a way to go unnoticed for a certain amount of time and that’s what often throws us off.
That delayed effects is a 3itch.

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Ah yes.

The sweet chirpings of attrition setting in… finally.

Soul crushing, enthusiasm killing attrition.

Truly the most satisfying way to win a war. Watch your enemy slowly die, miserably.

Thanks for that. o/

congratulations Dr Watson
you are correct , have a heart :heart:

bad numbers are because the farming Disneyland goon days are over
most of the quitters are null crabs

dont worry, wen the farming tides change they will emerge in vast numbers to reproduce



Lol, 30 years ago? Try 60-120 years ago.

Could be there is more than one factor in play when in comes to these stats…

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Really thought you were going down the rorqual changes path there. Afk cloaking obviously wouldn’t cause a 10k dip in PCU, there were perhaps 200 cloaky campers online at any one time and that’s being generous.

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Those 200 cloaky campers (if it were that few of them) were active all day, and therefore are much more present in the ‘players online’ statistics than regular players. Regular players are only online a couple of hours a day and therefore often aren’t counted in the daily peak numbers, while characters that are logged in all day are.

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hmm those login numbers currently show almost 23k,

What if they all came to highsec and attacked Concord all at the exact same time. How would that turn out?

I said “warned us” and I didn’t exist 60 - 120 ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s with all these kids around less than 150 years old?


I just keep coming back.

I don’t know if i believe it’s just the delve war given how few players are actually in null. Then again blackout was noticeable.

Given how much salt was mined from cloaky campers every day, i suspect 200 is low balling it. And the absence of cloaky campers would have lowered the count during blackout too.

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They were very much not active, clue is in the definition.

Did logic just fly out the window with you, PCU is the peak concurrent users. Whether logged in for 30 seconds or 23 hours. That number has dropped by 10k+, cloaky camping is NOTHING to do with that which should be completely obvious.

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