Another simple thing CCP will never ever do

It would be extremely easy and illuminating if CCP would provide an hour by hour breakdown of the PCU by security status, for say a week. Chribba does hourly reports of the PCU with a tiny percentage of the internal tools CCP has.

Something like that would put to bed all kinds of arguments, one way or the other, that go on about the demographics of the player base.

Perhaps a snapshot on a quarterly basis, or just twice a year, even.
And to give even more transparency, how about the percentage breakdown of alpha vs omega accounts.

But who am I kidding…not a chance this will happen.

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Not with that attitude, no.


What would be the purpose of that chart, what do you want to prove by it?

Do you ever tire of being so passive-aggressive? Years ago we had a talk about this, when I asked you if you understood that the way you post is so off putting that nothing will ever come of it and how counterproductive that is.

So i’l ask again, do you think posting like this is going to make someone at CCP sit up asnd say “oh no, we’ve disappointed Dinsdale , we better change our ways”? Do you think what you post is going to start other players along the path of questioning CCP?

I get the feeling that you don’t actually ever want anything to change, you just like blowing off steam in public.


Do you ever tire of white-knighting for CCP?

This data is already available through CCP APIs per system, just no one has bothered to tabulate it into something easily digestible.

Though if you want an actual measure of activity there are better ones than just who is logged in where. After all there’s something like 1000 people sitting in the Jita station every day but many of them don’t actually do much.

Really though Dinsdale, we all know you’re just angling for more ammo for your high-sec tinfoil cannon. If CCP did release data like this and it didn’t come out in a way you liked you’d claim it was biased or faulty or implied something subtle.

Please just give it a rest…

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So you want CCP to respond to you, but you can’t respond to simple questions. Typical of your type.

I’ll say it another way: what do you hope to accomplish with the way you post? And it’s obvious you don’t like CCP, why continue to come here or take part in their product if you hate them so?

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The null-sec cartels would thinker with the data so it does not go your way dude. You should know that by now.

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I’m pretty sure he’s just trolling until he gets a forum ban. Pretty sure that’s why he stopped posting on the old forums.

You’re mean xD

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“Certainty” isn’t always a good or desirable thing. Just saying…

I couldn’t stop myself…

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PCU does not provide much information like where that person is or what type of game play she partake in.

Peak Concurrent Users. It’s basically the most users that log in during a given day.

It’s often used as a health metric for the game in general, sometimes somewhat erroneously.

When CCP publish data all it ever does is serve to reinforce the opinions of people who already believed what it shows, and create something for other people to dismiss CCPs approach because it doesn’t agree with what they think.

CCP publishing data doesn’t resolve arguments. It always just kicks them along. Bias is a powerful thing.


Recently saw a slide, apparently from Fanfest, that about 70% are in High-Sec, something like 8% in low and rest about 50/50 between null/wh.
So, what are you going to do with this information?

Well I guess if you take that information and combine it with the ratting income tables from CCP you could say 10% of the player population is generating 90% of the raw isk, give or take. No clue if or how true that is but that’s what random bits of data show, I guess the question will always be how accurate the information is unless it comes from CCP and if the information comes form CCP you can say it’s more accurate. Unless CCP is lying of course. Wouldn’t necessarily know if they are.

I’ve seen Jenn do a fair bit of CCP bashing when the time is right.

Like the others in this thread, I’m not sure what there is to gain by giving the players this information?

CCP has the information. CCP makes development and business decisions using this as one variable (among others) to maximize their revenue. Giving that information to the players in order to start some GD dumpster fires as the stats are turned and twisted every which way doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose.

So like the others in this thread I ask the OP…what do you hope to gain from this data?


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What do I hope to gain?

Actual hard data on the demographics of where the game is at, and where it is heading.

And hard data actually stops all the lies that can be spread by propaganda teams, with any agenda.
And yes, I am fully aware how stats can be twisted to represent almost any agenda.
But sometimes, the data is so overwhelming that it is impossible to lie using stats.