[DISCUSSION] player importance to CCP based on their playstyle

My intentions are not to start some shitposting, but we all know intentions do not matter.

Anyway, it must be addressed or at least looked at how much players where affected by the bug that needed emergency shutdown x players affected by the emergency shutdown.

From my PoV, it looks like PvE players are some kind os second class players (citation needed) I can’t relate if my sub cap ■■■■ was f%#$% up CCP would do an emergency shutdown, or the camera issue (which is still hapenning) or any other stuff that happens all the time in high sec.

Ofc I don’t own the data and my PoV is very limited to myself, but I really would like to know why this fix is so “important” to break all other players playing and how much % of the players where affected by it.

To me, and again, it’s my PoV and I don’t own the data, it affects some null people that represents a small % of EVE players, most of them with 5-10 alt accounts, which sends ME a clear message: “YOU ARE DOG ■■■■”.

I’m not going to reply since I doubt CCP would provide numbers to justify their actions, not that they need to, but would be nice to see this was really a “must” either than “omg null war damn everybody else”.

Ty for your time, high sec says hi.

It’s not that nefarious.

It’s a PvP game and the focus is on PvP players. Nothing more.

The nature of the two categories of activity are like apes and oranges. It wouldnt be difficult to imagine a PvP scenrio where one side got totally mullered thanks to this that wpuld cost a lot more than yhe combined value of many PvE operations, and vice versa.

or apples and orangutans



Big null-sec battles is what CCP puts into their marketing crap. When was the last time you’ve seen an EVE ad that highlights the accomplishment of a solo miner in a 0.7 system?

It’s not like they hate everyone else; just that they’re prioritizing those who are engaging in what is essentially their vision for the game. Everyone else is simply along for the ride.

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Player importance to CCP directly correlates to how much they give to CCP or how much they make other people spend in game.

Whales > Content Creators (major null FC’s, tool developers, irl celebs) > out of game community developers (chat show hosts, dj’s, twitch streamers) > in game community managers (alliance execs, csm members) > subscribed players > plex’ng players > alpha accounters.

The one differnce to EVE & irl is that in EVE there empirically is a god & it likes to be worshipped by tribute. If you bring CCP or bring to it people with a $ then CCP will make its face shine upon you, lift up your spirit & give you thanks, T2BPO’s, skins, up coming market changes & ect, ect.

Your clout with CCP in regards to game changes is determined by how many $ subs you have supporting you.

Don’t read more into it You people are ridiculous sometimes.

A key part of the game is not working and they fix it quickly. Ah must be because CCP like them more.

It is a game mechanic that stopped working.


Disclaimer before going into this: Just because I say they ‘pay more attention to one thing’ doesn’t necessarily mean I’m saying all their changes specifically help that area.

CCP definitely favors the largest scale PVP stuff, which tends to favor the largest null blocs. They get the most marketing material out of that, the most ‘world records’ etc. That does not mean they only pay attention to that area of space though, just that many of their changes are more concerned with those areas of the game than others.

Next, I would probably say the ‘nano gang’ people probably have the most sway, because most of them tend to be streamers and the like. Again, not all, but most. Look at most the viable doctrines right now, and roaming ships. Almost all of them are kitey-nanoey stuff. When was the last time a serious change was made that legitimately made heavy armor doctrines a desirable choice? Even most the armor doctrines fit long range weapons. The meta has heavily favored small fast stuff, or caps for a long time, because CCP doesn’t know how to balance against these. And a fair bit of griping whenever they try.

Most the changes tend to primarily affect null in someway or other, sometimes with secondary effects on low and HS. The ESS changes, the supercarrier respawn thingy, the super/capital EHP rebalance… (Yes, I’m looking back through the devblogs to make sure I’m not talking out of my ass), the botting focus…

This ends up leaving large swathes of space stagnated. Sure, there was the Triglav stuff in high sec, and the drifters as well, and sure these do have some impact, but, now that the events are over, how much more are they being developed to continue to enrich those areas of space? Kinda like the Sansha incursions, yeah? Or Faction Warfare, which is still suffering.

I’m actually not sure the current stable of CCP dev’s have the vision, gall, or know how to fix any of this stuff, let alone the backbone to try it. Like, the high sec missions content is pretty much the exact same content it was when I started playing a decade ago. Sure, there’ve been the burner missions, and AI updates and some mission updates… but stick the two next to each other and tell the average player to spot the difference. Oh, they attack your drones more and have new icons, got it. Why isn’t CCP doing something like putting two hubs near each other that offer frigate only missions, hey this guy is doing a mission for the Caldari, go kill him while he’s being told to come kill you, or Concord saying ‘Hey, this dude has a 1bil bounty, we’re selling a license for you to go kill him and we won’t intervene.’ Or all kinds of other, much more dynamic, innovative stuff they could do. Yeah, yeah, I know there are some challenges to overcome, but seriously, same missions, more or less for a decade+? I mean, credit where due for those materials acquisition sites, but still. There are just a lot more creative things they could do that I’m not sure they have the guts to even try.

Player importance to CCP is based on relatively how much money each group spends. If Null players tend to sub 3-5 accounts each, and PvE players sub 1-2 (on average), then of course Null as a group is more important.

It’s also important from any game development perspective to fix bugs as quickly as possible, even if it affects players in-game. You don’t know what other kinds of issues may have needed fixing as well.

Null wars are important to EvE as an advertising activity, PvE grinding is relatively inconsequential. That’s just the straight-up economics of the business side. If that makes you feel like dog crap then you should try running a business sometime and see what kinds of decisions you have to make.

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