Another WTF moment

I just tested this on live server (TQ).
I have good standings towards triglavians above 2, they’re all blue to me in high sec.

Yet they instantly kill me in high sec.

I didn’t aggress anything as i couldn’t with this ship type.

So why are there standings for, triglavian standings ?
As they shoot you even if you’re +1111000 with them ?


I’m not yet convinced that these standings apply to all of them.

I’ve had an encounter with a group of red NPCs who started shooting me.
I need to check again. They were next door.
They had weird names.
Not sure it was Triglavians, or these other ones.

But … question.

When they’re blue they don’t shoot you.
They turn red, then the shooting starts.

You can confirm that they’ve turned from blue to red on your screen?

They’re always blue and they’re shooting me.

That doesn’t match my observations.
Whatever is blue or grey turns red as soon as it starts shooting me.
Doesn’t matter if I shoot first.

You should file a ticket …
… and then tell me what the GM said, so I get to learn something. :slight_smile:

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