Anti-bloc Sov Holding Small Gang PvP! – Bellax Borealis

Are you looking for intense, scrappy and fun fights where you get to be more than an F1 monkey?

Are you bored of only undocking to bash structures?

Do you want a place you can push your PvP skills to the limit, and dunk on the big blocs in the process?

Bellax Borealis is the corp for you. We are a tightly knit group of small gang and solo PvPers who rely on speed and wits to outmatch bigger opponents with an emphasis on nano fleets, hit and run, and covert ops.

We are looking for:

  • Skilled pilots that want to test their mettle
  • Newer pilots (with existing PvP experience) who want to learn real PvP
  • Aspiring fleet commanders who want to learn how to lead fleets and take out roams
  • Anyone looking to stick it to the blocs with a completely independent group!

We can offer:

  • Consistent content in EU TZ and US TZ
  • Stable isk making opportunity through sov (ratting, moon mining)
  • Minimal blues
  • Minimal activity requirements - we only ask that if you happen to on eve while we also have an important alliance op (like a defense timer) that you attend it. If you do not have the free time that’s no problem.

To get in contact about joining, find us at our in-game channel ‘Bellax Public’ or join our discord server and ask for a recruiter:

we now have an astra in our new pocket of sov - foothold secured! come join enjoy the easy content + isk with us :slight_smile:

Arkhos Core wants you to help kill hunters and ESS thiefs (who aren’t us, at least)

Just because we live in null doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with fw too Vigil Fleet Issue | CaIicoJack | Killmail | zKillboard

Join an alliance who is not afraid to blops anything!

there are these really annoying campers up the pipe who I accidentally fed a vaga too the other day

join and help enact my revenge today!

Like the idea of null life but afraid to miss out on the brimming activity of FW space? Fear not! Arkhos Core take part in FW roams too :slight_smile:

why not buy snakes for my vaga? who’s going to stop me?

Bloc pets have started having a pop at our structures, join today for guaranteed fights against the scourge of eve!