Bellax Borealis - PVP in null. Dunks included

PVP - lots. Friends - included. Fun - guaranteed.
Zkill: Bellax Borealis | Corporation | zKillboard

We’re Bellax, a small group of friends that likes to shoot stuff!
Tired of half the map being blue to you? 10-hour tidi fests?
F1 fleets? We have a solution!

For us, the most important thing is trying! Sure, sometimes a fight
won’t go that well. But the killboard isn’t what defines you, it’s the
willingness to go out and try again! In Bellax, we try to foster that spirit
and make you a better pilot!

What we offer:

  • Small-gang PVP on the daily!
  • Experienced mentorship, teaching
    you how to pewpew!
  • A cool group of people to fly with!
  • The null life, but without the blocs!

What we’re looking for:

  • Willingness to go out and try new things!
  • Resilience: getting back up after a loss!
  • Discord and a working mic
  • Not being a robot!

Want to pewpew with us?
In-game channel: Bellax Public