Bellax Borealis - PVP in null. Dunks included

Comradarie, Carnage, and uh… Cake!

Zkill (don’t laugh): Bellax Borealis | Corporation | zKillboard
An PVP *masterpiece:

Bellax. We’re the best kept secret in small gang.
Never heard of us? That’s on purpose, but our scout
reported you five minutes ago and we have a fleet
next door to… scoop you right up into our loving arms!

Like to shoot stuff? First of all, we do too. But settle down,
this isn’t a Denny’s. Blue donut gone to your waistline?
Join our donut-free crossfit program and get some jumps in!
Wanna press more than just F1 on that keyboard you got
a year ago that your wife says you can’t use at nighttime?
Course you do!

We lose ships. Hell, you do too and that’s probably why you’re still here.
The killboard is a goddam christmas tree, but we’re laughing all the way
to the bank with our huge sack thrown over our shoulders like real space
traveling alphas. No killboard kings or queens are allowed in this clubhouse,
because quite frankly, the metal from your crowns would probably screw up
the shoddy electrical work we had done around here.

Wanna hang but don’t know how to bang? We’ve got you covered.
We’re always happy to throw knowledge at you as hard as possible,
over and over again, picking on your gym clothes, commenting on
why your thighs are soo pale compared to the rest of your bod- HEY!

What we offer:

  • Small-gang pewpew. Daily!
  • Experienced MASTER* class pilots, teaching you how to pewpew!
    (*Quality varies depending on alcohol consumption)
  • Nerds with a sense of humor and maturity who HOPEFULLY
    probably own between 0 and 3 cringey ass fedoras!
  • Nullsec income as well as cutting edge(s) SRP for whenever
    we accidentally ALT+F4 with a combat timer!

What we’re looking for:

  • Desperate nerds willing to go out and try new things
  • Discord users with a working mic
  • A literal beating heart

Want to pewpew with us?
In-game channel: Bellax Public

I wonder if I can kill this malediction. Oh shoot!

One Stab - Krab Chad.
Two Stabs - Krab Weirdo.
Three Stabs - Krab Normie.
Four Stabs - Too much man…

I have questions.

Respect for the chad.

Sin?! Sin!!! Primary the Sin!

Remember, don’t approach the wild animal pack! They’re rabid.

Now you see me, now you’re dead.

Look at me! I’m the asshole now!

When scouting goes wrong.

We are still alive, kicking and looking for voluntary participants
applying coordinated micro-aggression upon unwilling subjects!

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