Antiqua Vero. The Ancients Alliance. NPSI / Spectre Fleet are hiring!

This corp is Part of The Ancients. An NPSI Alliance run by the Leadership, FC’s and Members of the public NPSI community.
This corp is open to the public! No API’s needed.
Freedom to fly with or against anyone you like, a true reflection of NPSI.

Top FC’s

  • 23h fleet coverage
  • All types of PvP fleets
  • Fleet sizes of 10 - 150
  • Top Killboards
  • Largest Public community in EvE Online
  • No obligation

We give you the freedom to fly with or against anyone you like. A true reflection of Not Purple Shoot It.

Join Our Discord Server

or join The Ancients in game channel

bumping it up

up she goes

no strings and pure fun, whats not too like ?

Don’t buy the NPSI stuff, FYI. These dudes are allied to RC and focus a lot of their effort on messing with Provibloc. - They quite literally “declared war” on us a while back.

we run fleets around eves doughnut. im sorry if someone upset you but if you cant handle null then dont be there.

who the heck is RC ?

lol, nice try.

daily bump, still dont know what an RC is

BUMP , still looking for pilots who want no strings pvp, alts and spys welcome

up we go.


up up up

bump it up


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