The Ancients. (Official NPSI Alliance)

The Ancients.

The place to be for no obligation PvP!

The official NPSI alliance comprised of EvE online’s NPSI Fc’s and members.

The Ancients, gives you the freedom to fly with or against anyone you like. A true reflection of Not Purple Shoot It.

  • Making NPC corps obsolete since 2019

- Top FC’s
- 23h PvP fleet coverage
- All types of PvP fleets
- Fleet sizes of 10 - 150
- Top Killboards
- Largest Public community in EvE Online
- No obligation
- Pilots must be self-sufficient
- No wardecks

The Ancients. is a PvP Alliance, focused on uniting all public pvp content across New Eden. A game should be a positive escape from reality!

  • No restrictions to joining us
  • We welcome any size corp

Contacts: Maded Rift, Samara Mikakka, Virion Stoneshard, Keacte, Coaxster


Fleet roster for just one side.

Our home is where the fleet is.

This month has been insane guys! With a few days left until the end of the month…
Here are some stats for you;

- 1600 kills
- 2 Titans 6 Rorquals countless carriers and dreads
- Top kills of the month go to me and my leet whore skillz
- Top Solo pilot goes to @Chopsu3y#1478
- Top logi Pilot easily goes to @Odyssey2049#1210
- Most common ship used this month was the Hecate
-We are 18th in top alliances
- 59 active PvPers
- 317 characters in the alliance
- 37 corps + pending

Watching this unfold over the last month has been amazing! You guys are ■■■■■■■ shooting ■■■■ all over the place! Its nice to see the true reflections of NPSI been represented through an in-game entity.

NPSI is life! :purple_heart:

Fish…That is all.

Come check us out!

400+ members and pending! All welcome.