The Ancients. coalition:

Greetings fellow space adventures!

‘The freedom to play the game how you like’

Greetings, You have been invited to join The Ancients. We are a coalition that follows a mantra, a code of conduct based on years of in-game experience at all levels, hardened by bitter truths and real friendships over the years, and one that we feel will be just what you’re looking for.

We want you to join the coalition!

Would you like the freedom to PvP with anyone, or against anyone? How about daily content? Or the opportunity to make bags of money in true sec without the need to structure bash at 3am in the morning? And do you follow the philosophy that real life must always come first?

If all this sounds too good to be true, then we are for you!

We are comprised of two entities: The Architects. and The Ancients. Simply put The Architects is for money making and defence, The Ancients is purely PvP only.

• If you join the newly formed Architects alliance you will get full benefits of our (true sec) null sec space, giving you the chance to make some of the top isk in the game.

• Or if you’re a simple bloodthirsty pvper who understands that killing is just a means of communication, then the Ancients is for you.

Both corps and individual pilots are welcome. Want to know more? Just grab one of our recruiters on discord, or join our diplo channel. The Ancients. Diplo

In summary:

The Architects;

• Null sec -1.0 true sec

• A place to make buckets isk

• No obligations

• play as little or as much as you like

• Ice mining

• Full null-sec infrastructure

• Defence FC’s

• Indy FC’s

• Cap support

• PI

• Moon Mining

The Ancients;

• Freedom to PvP with anyone or against anyone

• Fleets open to public (NPSI)

• Great FC’s

• High sec war decks

• Null deployments

• New bro and alpha friendly (even minmatar)

Rules of the road:

• No Thieving

• No Bullying

• No Bribing, Blackmail, or Extortion

• No Grieving or Harassment

• No racism or racial/gender bias

The Ancients coalition looks after their brothers and sisters whatever the time or the situation. The Ancients fly together, fly strong and fly free within our alliance and as part of our coalition.

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du ya play naked twister?

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Indeed we do, we tend to use oil though! Do people play it any other way?

Great group of players here. I’m back after years away and having more fun and enjoying more success than ever before. Lots of helpful folks that love the game. Give The Ancients a try!

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Great fleet again last night! Hope to see you all in the fleet!

Recruitment bump!

Recruiters are online. Come and talk to us in discord if you have any questions about joining or the corp/alliance it self.

Come and talk to us in discord if you have any questions about joining or the corp/alliance it self. We don’t bite!

recruitment bump.

Recruitment Bump

Recruitment Bump

Fish…That is all.

Fish…That is all.

Do you like fish?
Apply within!

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Fish…That is all.

Fish…That is all.

Fish…That is all.

Recruitment Bump

Recruitment Bump

Fish… that is all.