ANTNS Recruiting- Lowsec PVP/Piracy corp with Mining and Industry

Antony and Sons Recruiting

Antony and Sons is a multifaceted corporation, recruiting capsuleers of all knowledge and skill levels to bring together a casual lowsec alliance with two main arms; a devoted corps of pirates and pvp roamers side by side with a more laid back echelon of industrialists and miners. We plan to become as self-sufficient as possible in our lowsec pocket.

Our corporation formed out of the anguish that came from Corporations that take themselves way too seriously. Therefore, we promoted a litany of activities for members old and new:

  • Low sec gangs

  • Piracy runs for fun and profit

  • Corp Mining ops

  • Research and industry to build our own materials

  • Alliance backed for maximum bromance

  • Drunk black ops runs? (Beer Blops? WIP)

We are, as I mentioned, in a moderately sized alliance. This means risk remains low while fun and profit can be maximised.

Send me a message on discord to join. Let’s get this bread, boys.

Still recruiting members. Will plan on raiding and roaming independent of our alliance during the evening. Need people from both US and EU tz

Hello. I have been a new player for about a week. I am currently in an org, but I am just not feelin’ it. Looking to learn from someone with more experience and have fun in the process. I am fairly well established from a week of playing.

Your discord link is broken, or I am stupid, one of the two, message me, please.

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