Casual lowsec pvp/mining corp for those tired of nullsec or just looking for content/isk

Antony and Sons Recruiting

Are you tired of sitting in fleets for hours in null sec, with little to no real content outside taking fleet warps endlessly? Are you bored of how remote, isolated and edgy null sec can be? Better yet, are you still looking for your niche in EVE because way too many corporations take themselves too seriously? You’re in luck, because this is the ad you’ve been looking for.

While a lot of those terms don’t necessarily make sense to newbros, Antony and Sons is recruiting capsuleers of all knowledge and skill levels to bring together a casual lowsec alliance. This time around, we’re promoting intracorp self sufficiency:

  • Corp Mining ops
  • Research and industry to build our own materials
  • Small gang PVP to maintain local security (and for rich content, of course)
  • Freeport!
  • Alliance backed for maximum bromance
  • Drunk black ops runs? (Beer Blops? WIP)

My main goal is to build a good spot for industrialists, miners, haulers and traders to work out of with a group of bros dedicated to the gang fights and alliance content we regularly generate out in Sinq.

Send me a message on discord to join. Let’s get this bread, boys.


Alliance offer still up. Looking to bring on both newbros and experienced players. In need of pvp/wh pilots and people interested in mining; we have a secure set of alliance moons and will be claiming our own soon.

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