Any alternatives for the locate are us channel

Locate are us does not seem as active as it use to be and i do use that service occasionally. Wandering if there are any other channels offering agent location services?

Have you actually noticed that Agent locator is back!! its apart of the Agency window. If that is what you are referring to.

He is not referring to that. He is referring to a player run channel for people who need locator agents run on their targets, for a fee.

As far as I know, locates are us is the only channel offering this service. I’ve noticed the drop in activity as well.

Since one can filter search results to find locater agents in the (re)new agent finder, demand for the info that channel provides may have dropped off a little. Of course, are there not third-party tools to find locater agents that have been around awhile?

It was already explained OP is not asking for that.

I guess he’s screwed then. Bummer.

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