Return agent finder!

This is my open letter to CCP in the answer to sadistic newsletter from CCP named “Access content with The Agency”

Removal of “Agent finder” tab was VERY bad idea!
This vherokior is agent-runner and he is VERY disappointed with your removal of agent finder! Agent finder was the masterpiece part of EVE interface and can’t be replaced completely with the Agency functionality.

I need to know ALL agents (not only 12 random) of choosen level in choosen systems who can give me a mission according my standings.

In Agency interface, I can pick (with lags) 12 random nearest agents with simple criteria (corporation, type and level). This is not enough!

It looks like you cut my own leg and try to persuade me that wooden leg is much better due to it has a flashing light!



CCP likes cutting of their own noses to spite their face.

I mean by cutting of your own nose you make the holes bigger right… Works better. :slight_smile:

And whos to say a wooden leg is not better. I mean it has flashing light to help you find it in the dark.


There’s been a discussion with CCP about the agent finder on CSM Winter Summit. I don’t know details, just the fact.

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Any updates, if they are considering our concerns?

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yeah, I’m cynical given CCP record

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As usual CCP does their very best to make things in-game harder to complete.

3rd party apps are the best resource for ease of use.

Agent Finders:

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I will look into it. I dont like using other apps while playing eve… its a pain without the in-game browser. That was even bigger of a mistake than this agent finder.


Yeah, in my opinion that’s just one of the many bad decisions CCP has made concerning this game.

Anyway, it’s easier to access your Internet Browser if you select the option in Esc menu to play the game in windowed mode.

I found Overwolf works well with EvE.

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And don’t attach the starmap to it.
Just. Don’t.


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