Any Galmil/Minmil Alliance's recruiting small corps

Looking for an Alliance for my Galmil/Minmil corp. I would also be interested in forming an Alliance with other small corps. Basically looking for other like minded FW people like me that like having their own corps for their alts, logistics, etc, but want to hang out, socialize, fleet, plex, etc together periodically.

On the gallente side, you may want to look at Essence Alliance, Sedition, or Ribbit.

Hi there:D
I´m part of a 3 man corp(dont know if thats too small xD), we´re doing mostly mining and manufacturing with our own athanor. Rn its pretty chill and I spend my time on EvE mostly gathering either blueprints or resources, then building the stuff. I dont know if youre interested but I´d figure out I´d throw my corp´s hat in the ring:)