Any good use of Thunderchild?

So, I have almost maxed out trained the Thunderchild and Stormbringer. (dumb move I know)

The Stormbringer can be ok for some filaments. But I’m very disappointed on the Thunderchild performance on LVL4 mission running and it’s also not an option for PVP. Any battleship is better than it in all possible roles and the skills for EDENCOM ships are not useful for any other ships so where is the payoff for investing so much time into it? Besides time, everything is also incredibly expensive. It’s very frustrating to invest so much of my resources and time into piloting a useless ship. I wish it could at least have a single target ammo so I would not spent 10 minutes killing a single battleship rat.

Can someone tell me if there is a good use to make of the Thunderchild? Any possible PVE content that it can run efficiently?

If not I think I’m just going to take the L and extract/sell everything and move on.
(I also second that post)

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They definitely excel in fleet/small gang against larger numbers, but it’s hard to find enough people with the the skills and interest. Stormbringer is probably a monster in some pvp formats, pochven and fw space coming to mind first as places to try it. They do excel in some filaments as you said, and with a relatively lower sp and isk investment than other similar performers. Thunderchild seems in a similar position to the leshak when it first came out, with the added bonus of a very difficult production chain. For the moment, I think the stormbringer justifies keeping the skills, and as the ship line fills out you’ll see more proven applications for the thunderchild.


Last I checked the ammo for the ships are insanely high compared to like t1 missles…

BlastShot Condenser Pack L - EVE Tycoon I was not wrong dear goodness that’s insane.

Stormbringer is used to run abyss so that is not an entire loss.
Now the thunderchild MAYBE used in incursions if the community shifts their opinions. Incursion sites have easy chain targets. Currently no incursion community accepts thunderchild sadly.
I would not run missions in a thunderchild at 20k+ ISK per shot.

My suggestion is to use the strormbringer for abyss sites. I can’t see any PVE HS justification for that ISK cost per shot. For at least thunderchild.


I seent someone using one to run 4s :smiley:

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You can use the Thunderchild in Uedama to blow up the Gankers Catalyst Fleets as soon as they arrive on their target :slight_smile: , definitely worth the costs per shot!


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