Thunderchild Pathetic

I enjoy flying the Edencom ships Skybreaker and Stormbringer and they have their uses I’ve been wanting to try out the Thunderchild out of curiosity and completionist type reasons knowing it probably wouldn’t be great as no one fly’s it or seems to like it much, but why not, so I bought one and blinged it a bit and headed to a level 4 mission agent to take my 5 billion isk ship out for a spin.
I got “buzz kill” for a mission and warped to location where I was greeted by 5 angel assault cruisers. Targeted, started firing and noticed all 5 started taking damage and thought ok this might not be too bad. Soon enough they all separated a bit and then only one was being hit and as I have flown the skybreaker and stormbringer I figured oh well this may take a while. Well I couldn’t kill one of these cruisers as I was hitting for 225 ish mostly so after firing about 70 rounds (at 15000 isk per round ffs) I finally warped off to get my Vargur.
I have a level 4 cert for this ship, so my skills are good.
Is there any use for this ship other than a collectors piece?
So CCP a 5b isk battleship that cant kill a single cruiser in a level 4 mission?


[Thunderchild, Thunderchild]
Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II

Pith X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Pithum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Core A-Type 500MN Microwarpdrive

Large Consortium Vorton Projector

Large Semiconductor Memory Cell II
Large Processor Overclocking Unit I
Large Core Defense Operational Solidifier I

Hornet II x5

StrikeSnipe Ultra L x5000
ElectroPunch Ultra L x5010


Battleship guns usually aren’t that great in hitting smaller stuff, especially Angels, which have smaller sigs. Your Vargur was doing fine due to how turrets work and the slow speed of mission rats, but if you were to take that Vargur up against Abyssal, Pochven, Incursion, or FOB cruisers, it would have a tough time.

For the Vorton weapon, they are neither turret or launcher, but mostly work off launcher(missile) mechanics. The slower and bigger the target, the harder you will hit. A Golem (or other large missile ship) without a Target painter will do terrible damage against an elite cruiser. Thunderchild will really only do well when fighting multiple battleships and caps…which really doesn’t have much application in PVE.


Playing devils advocate here… Trig ships are not ideal for missions either. :sweat_smile: That’s all I can advocate for the other side. :rofl:

A marauder can do what you are doing faster and more efficient. Marauders beat edencom and trig ships out of the park.

The edencom ships were designed to counteract ONE THING. That was the SWARM OF SMALL FRIGATES/Destroyers/Cruisers during the trig war.

There is a small group of people who farm the trig minor victory systems. (They have to D-scan the roaming fleets down to farm the loot.) Pretty good ISK if you can multibox it fast. It is really underappreciated and can be done solo with caution.

Uh… Beyond that they are not accepted in incursions. (See above statements) The ship tanks really well so it has some PVP uses as bait and whatnot.

IT’S A GOOD PAPER WEIGHT :joy: :joy: At least the leshak can spider tank and bash citadels efficiently.

I recommend selling it and getting a nice efficient marauder. :joy: :sweat_smile: You will never look back. This is the meta CCP created sadly.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I remember that during the war. Literally shooting ISK at the enemy. The economics of the trig war and the edencom ammo used make me laugh.

Thanks for the good laughs OP but it is a sad reality how the ship is very niche.

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The weapon system of thunderchild makes it unsuitable for solo PvE, and in Fleet PvE not every scenario is good while flying it. If you dont fight enemies that like to keep in groups closely, and that is only a handful of targets, then its waste of ISK.

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This just in, dental pick makes a really bad spoon


Thunderchild is a best ship to AFK at tradehub undock with. There is no better alternative for this typical EVE activity.

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The thunder child ain’t that bad… well it is once the box ships get out of arcing range

Your fit is very expensive and ineffective for hi-sec. You’ll get ganked on sight and all that active tank will make your ship an “easy target”. The best way to fit this ship is as a buffer (up to 300k EHP) or passive tank. And it without Nirvana and Gnome implants even. Here’s a cheaper and most suited fit for hi-sec and this will be the last target someone will try to gank in hi-sec:

Thunderchild Buffer


[Thunderchild, Thunderchild Buffer]

Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II
Vorton Tuning System II
Damage Control II
Dark Blood Power Diagnostic System

Gistum C-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardener
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Large Micro Jump Drive

Large Vorton Projector II, MesmerFlux Condenser Pack L
Improved Cloaking Device II

Large Core Defense Field Extender I
Large EM Shield Reinforcer II
Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer II

Hornet II x5

ElectroPunch Ultra L x1000
StrikeSnipe Ultra L x1000
MesmerFlux Condenser Pack L x2000
SlamBolt Condenser Pack L x2000

I saw somebody flying them in hi-sec. As for me, this ship isn’t suited for hi-sec, low-sec and most WH C4 and C5 sites. As you mentioned, the “Buzz kill” is probably the worst L4 mission for this ship with a lot of elite frigates and cruisers, with very high EM and Kinetic resistances. There are only 3 or 4 L4 missions where this ship will shine, for example, - Damsel in Distress.

The only good usage of this ship is null-sec combat sites of Tier 8 - 10: Hubs, Havens and Sanctums. Those spawns are well packed with BSs and BCs. Looks like this ship was designed just for that to take a place between Marauders and Carriers. In my opinion this ship will outperform both of them there. While traveling in null-sec I saw them used in two and three multibox formations.

The main disadvantage of this ship is it’s price on everything: ship, weapon, ammo and enhancers. Damn, the ammo is very expensive even to burn on those Sanctums. The next disadvantage is how the Large Vorton weapon is designed. It has the same arching mechanics as the small one - 10km range / 10 targets. There are very rare scenarios when you’ll get 10 BS in 10 km range from each other. As soon they’ll spawn, the’ll spread in all directions based on their weapon type. Therefore, the Large Vorton should work like this - hit 5 targets in 20km range, for example.


CCP should just deduct the Ammo cost every 15min tick along with bounty revenue :joy:

Manufacturing Mafia behind the high prices for the Edencom ship/ammo :joy: (Not me but other groups)
Sitting down lighting their 500mil cigars laughing at the suckers who wanted to try out the ship.

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And it’s really too bad, because a Thunderchild with that white and gold skin might be the best looking ship in the game.


I appreciate your interesting and thoughtful comment and I will give this passive shield fit a try at some point, for now though, it will probably sit in the ship hanger as another collectable.

Thanks, yes I have all the Marauders and really enjoy flying them and my Leshak breezes thru level 4 missions effortlessly, but the Thunderchild will sit for now until I move somewhere it’s more useful, or maybe CCP tweaks it somehow.

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Maybe just give it some time!
The ships and metas have changed and shifted so much throughout years that one day it’ll be good for … Something.

Somebody also said it well that CCP doesn’t necessary design ship X for use Y wirh specific purpose on mind, they’ll just come up with something and let the players find different and sometimes gimmicky ways for use Y

Somebody above mentoned the bridge between Marauders/Dreadnoughts/Capitals.
Isn’t Thunderchild brilliant exactly at handling null sec combat sites? Atleast when there’s a small fleet of them!

Psps: Harsh judgement you gave for the poor ship only based on mission running! :smile: Maybe there’s a niche use that nobody hasn’t figured out yet, who knows!

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You can absolutely run level 4s with this ship passive tanked. It’s not the best ship for it, but it is fun to watch everything die at the same time. It will hit a lot of deadspace furniture as well as enemy ships, but if you aggro the room and let stuff close in you’ll have plenty of targets and a virtualy unbreakable tank.

It’s OK as a bit of a fun ship for PvE but I’d treat it as a novelty rather than your main mission runner. Don’t expect to run enough missions in it to make the money back. Just feel like a pimp once in a while. It’s the crushed purple velvet top hat of mission runners.

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