Any mature adults playing Eve?

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Meet us on discord: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: ./

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Who are you, Yahamssi Judihuijj? Why do you even bother replying? I don’t know you, never met you, never will meet you. You are an example of the kind of immature person I want nothing to do with in-game. You have nothing to offer, nothing positive to contribute, You probably spend most of your time in New Eden chatting about sex, or politics, or school, or something similarly inane. Go do your homework, sonny, and stop trolling in my thread.

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Hello Gretek,

The Corbulo Academy of Navel Science aim is to provide a fun and entertaining experience to all its members through the dissemination of in-game knowledge and solid leadership. The ‘Corbulo’ intent is to operate as a combat organization first, with the added divisions in Mining, PvE, R&D, PI, and Manufacturing of ships, modules, munitions, and capitals for its members and its income. The corporation wants to create a high skilled group, specializing in tactical fleet compositions, and focusing on the fun side of eve. This has been written to give a clear direction for the corporation and defines marked but ambitious, yet achievable goals. The ‘Corbulo’ first and foremost is a combat orientated unit. We believe success comes from strong leadership, Quality training, good diplomacy and the ability to smash are enemies in the face.

If your interested please contact me in-game.

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And you don’t think there’s anyone who wants a bit of escapism who would also like lower taxes? lol


Hey Gretek, I read your post, take a look at my recruitment thread as it may be something you want to be part of! I am a mature player myself, 47ish so have similar needs!

Drop me a line.


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