Any New EVE players DO NOT fly the Prospector Pack Retriever as fit

To any new Eve players in these forums planning on buying the Prospector Pack, CCP are willing to take your money and let you get slaughtered.

These fits are completely incompetent and an invitation to gankers to kill your ship solo with one Destroyer!

Go here where someone explains how to fit your ships instead of just inviting you to get slaughtered.


Bump for the new players

The video is useful but doesnt explain what mining equipment you need to put on the retriever for a new guy like me? The standard fit you are given has mining laser upgrades and strip mining and ice mining. I need a guide for mining generally so I know what types of mining there is and what equipmet you need.

In that case: DO NOT BUY THIS PACK. Learn how to mine in a Venture, and take your first losses in a small, easy-to-replace ship, and decide if you actually enjoy all aspects of mining gameplay before you spend money on the pack.

too late! I bought the pack yesterday thinking it would no be offered after today.

I don’t remember: did they say “sorry we won’t do it again”, or did they say “expect more of these” ?

Because this pack is definitely still available today.
I’m doing a career agent today and have the offer poping up in the Neocom (popped up around Making Mountains of Molehills 4 of 10).
Out of curiosity, I clicked the Buy button and it brought me to the credit card info payment page, with the pack as the selected product.

Though I can’t find the Prospector Pack in the Eve Store, and if I reach for the dev blog post that announced and linked the pack I get a 404 error page when clicking the link to buy the pack.

So is offer in the Neocom a bug ? Was it removed or is it still available as intended?

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