Any way to reduce the signature radius?

Is there any way to reduce the signature radius? Or make the others to lock you slower?
If yes - what are the ways?


Halo implant set.
Skirmish command burst - evasive maneuvers.
X-instinct boosters.

Sensor dampener module with scan resolution script.
ECM burst (if successful - will force opponent(s) to re-target you, but range/radius is very limited).
ECM drones if you just need to drop tackle from oneself and gtfo.


Afterburner instead of Microwarp drive

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ECM Jamming is not working anymore. As at october 2018 - changes to ECM, mean that if a jammed target can attack the ship that is targeting it.

If you read it properly, you would realize that ECM bursts are not affected by this change.

I did it. Nothing to realize.

ECM is not the same as ECM burst, ECM bursts were unaffected they still break locks

But it does not mention this, nowhere.

It’s pretty common knowledge that ECM is not the same as ECM burst, and nowhere in the article does it mention ECM burst. If you didn’t know that ECM was not the same as ECM burst however, well then now you know what everyone else already knew

Don’t foget the most obvious solution: Use very small ships.

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Nep-Nepsis is right. Changes only affect ecm, not ecm burst

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I am still a new players. This is what I found:

  1. Use Armor Tank instead of shield tank. Smaller signature radius, less incoming damage, but lower DPS. Passive shield tank really increases signature radius by a ton. It’s a trade off.

  2. Use afterburner instead of micro warp drive, significantly less speed but more stable capacitor.
    AB for PVE is fine I think. MWD is more PVP I think.

Remember that a target painter counters your efforts to reduce sig radius. Being painted will increase it


ECM drones count as their own entity when jamming. So if you’re jammed by a drone you can target and shoot the drone jamming you but nothing else - including drones that missed the jam.

With regards to the question, you can’t really reduce your sig outright without implants or links, but how you fit your ship will affect how your sig blooms. Shield buffer fits experience the worst sig bloom, active shield, or any armour/hull tank will not bloom your sig nearly as bad/at all but they have their own drawbacks. Afterburners don’t bloom your sig at all, unlike mwds which bloom your sig massively.


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