Anybody have a hawk fit can a solo Abyssal space up to tier 4 or 5

I’m looking for a fit it can solo t5 if that’s not possible I’ll be happy with when it can Solo t4
I don’t care about the price as long as it can do the job and the modules are realistically able to be found easily

Such a thing does not exist. Frigate Abyssals (at these tiers at least) were introduced as group activity for 3 chars.

The weaponries are too small for the time limit, isnt it?

Pretty much, the time limit is the issue especially with trying to solo frigate abyssals.

For frigate Abyssal sites you need to balance three things: DPS, tank and time. Time is constant, 20 minutes. Now you need to balance the other two against the anticipated effective dps and ehp you will face in the T4/T5 site. Too much dps and you die quickly to the NPCs. Too much tank and you take more than 20 minutes to complete the site.

Can a Hawk complete a T5 solo? No, it runs out of time. Can the same ship complete a T4 solo? Sometimes but it usually takes more than 15 minutes.

Solution. Speed run T2 or T3s solo. OR, multibox 3 Hawks in T5s. Triple boxing Hawks is a think and Hateless game and others do stream this activity on occasion.

I’m planning to do only dark Abyssal space

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