Anybody with experience with JagsCorp, Citizen Jags, or their alliance Jagscorp Industrial Alliance?

SO, they’ve been a bit unpleasant in local after some fights, no gf’s, don’t return communications. We were on good terms. Kind of figured others may have other bad experiences with this group. If so I’m looking to hear from you.

I thought that was a good thing.

Basically I know he’s a bit of a snake, and was wondering if anybody that was mistreated in the past wants to take this opportunity jump on him too. But the war will end when he doesn’t extend it.

Oh, he wardecced you?

Well, save the chat logs and send them over to Crime and Punishment so that we may laugh at him.

after a 3v8 fight (we won)
[ 2019.04.25 02:01:13 ] friendA > gf
[ 2019.04.25 02:01:17 ] Carlos Beefeater > gf
[ 2019.04.25 02:01:20 ] FriendB > gf
[ 2019.04.25 02:15:00 ] FriendA > you should make sure they have the skills to fly these ships
[ 2019.04.25 02:32:51 ] FriendB > Hey we never got a Gf from you guys
[ 2019.04.25 02:40:25 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Stou
-----proceeded to put a POCO in reinforcement.

they have started to just sit in their POS waiting until we log. Realized I still have docking access.
[ 2019.04.25 04:39:42 ] Carlos Beefeater > hi guys!
[ 2019.04.25 04:42:21 ] Carlos Beefeater > Jack kimbal Freq Jags Black Jags Alloysious Aristocratus sitting cozy in here with me huh? just like best budds
[ 2019.04.25 05:01:36 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Attyn
[ 2019.04.25 05:04:18 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Arraron
[ 2019.04.25 05:08:44 ] Carlos Beefeater > I feel a little unwelcome. just slaming the door on me after i left your station. for shame!!

That’s what you think is unpleasant in local?

The ignoring communication attempts? trying to get confirmation on why someone who set us as blue decided to wardec us? using alts to bump. They are not pleasant in local. Not total and complete bad people. but not cordial. No give and take. They are not people. They are machines that are only playing to get isk and more isk. I realize that EVE tends to be a game where antisocial personality disorder can be considered beneficial. They started a fight and dont want to fight.

Hey any question you have I am in jags Corp feel free to ask.


Its our policy not to talk trash , and at times , ignore Local chat… This is to avoid the Trash talk from those who insist to do business in Local. Wanna Talk, get into a private chat, and we’ll talk. But give anyone the chance to trash us publicly, I don’t think so, and we don’t respond to that.
We respect even our enemies. Jagscorp has never bad mouthed anyone, and we hope never to do so.

Fly Safe



Let me introduce myself before I continue. I’m supermidas, I run our Elite: Dangerous division and also run minor PR/support for EVE team.

Thank you for bringing this topic to our attention. I also recognize Jags has responded to this thread, and I do stand by him. As an avid observer but not participator in our EVE Discord, I can back Jags up in saying we don’t bash our enemies, or anyone. You may have experienced a lack of communication - that, unfortunately, is policy. However, if you do have an issue or would like to raise some concerns, I’m sure opening a private channel with Jags or one of our members (or myself) will easily get you the answers you seek.

I do apologize for our apparent rudeness - that is not our intention. If there’s any way I or Jags can help to resolve this dispute, feel free to reach out to us on our discord at or DMing me personally at supermidas#6969.


You seem to consider our radio silence to be “unpleasent” while ignoring the fact that your friend Tarpon constantly ■■■■ talk and tease in local, and calls us “■■■■■■■” on stream. We respect our enemies, and in order to refrain from the urge to ■■■■ talk in local chat we adopted the radio silence approach when engaging. I highly recommand you and your friends do the same.

And before anyone asks no I am not citizen’s alt, our identical last name is a pure coincidence

Fly safe.


Isn’t smack talk an intended part of the experience? :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh dear, not responding in local in game is hurting your feelings enough to make a forum post about it?

Life will most likely have a few surprises for you up ahead…

I used to join fleets in an alliance where local chat was totally banned, for the same reasons invoked by Jags. This is understandable: you don’t stretch out the hand, therefore it cannot be bitten. There are too many people waiting for the smallest opportunity to engage trash talk in any given circumstance. If you’re looking for kudos or an aknowledgement of some sort, then try private chat, it usually works like a charm.

I saw this topic and just felt that I had to respond even though I have nothing to with anyone involved, I have never even had any interactions with any of you

And its not my corp :slight_smile:


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