Does anyone notice nobody talks and local anymore

So I’ve been on several different ice Fields lately just doing my thing with my barge and my orca doing the normal 07 nobody talks and local anymore it seems to mind you this is an HS nobody seems to use it anymore for a communication tool I was trying to strike up a conversation the other day and nobody seems to want to talk at all also I noticed nobody’s salvaging anymore it’s just me.?


I see players talking in local.

Granted it doesn’t happen as much as it use to happen, but there’s also not as many players on-line like there use to be.

By the way, I still loot and salvage wrecks.


Back in the day, all you had to do was type “mama, just killed a man” in local. Guaranteed response every time. Might still work, give it a try.


Rest assured that bot makers are working hard to add the ability to respond in local so that they can improve everyone’s EVE experience.


Are you sure you were not alone ? Sometimes I visit systems with ice belt and I am alone in them.

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It sure does feel like it’s not like it used to be people would talk and local especially in the ice fields even get carrying a conversation about the Pirates or whatever else what’s going on that local area I don’t know it just seems different now


i dont know what game you guys been playing. Ive been playing eve since 2010 or so and nobody ever uses local unless its to talk smack. (ok maybe once in a blue moon random convo’s start up - but its unusual). Usually convo’s are happening in corp chat or in teamspeak.


Bots can’t talk yet. Give it time.


2013 local activity started to drop everywhere, significantly, until they were all dead!

Thank CCP for that!


I got distracted chatting in local once, no, make that twice, while mining in HS and got ganked lol. Local chat in HS seems to be mostly ads and scams so now I just keep the text frame shrunk and if I’m parked I have it closed altogether.

I still salvage , but its more a sense of wanting to keep space tidy rather than the isk or needing the materials. If I’m in a null anomaly unless I’ve dragged a bunch of wrecks in with the MTU and am doing something in the background I won’t even bother.

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I do it all the time. Sometimes there’s a language barrier but like say I know there’s a relic site and it’s just myself and a Heron on dscan I might wave and see how their day had been.

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It’s almost like it’s only used as the intel tool it was never intended to be. Might as well give it the same treatment the region and constellation chats got.


It’d be nice if they had it like a global Channel almost like a Lobby for the entire game that you can just chat in the local channels for a different region may be green in local chat Regional chat


Turn “Local” into regional chat. Players will have more people to chat with and players can’t tell if they are alone in a system. Win\Win.


It always helps to drop a “Praise James 315” in local to bootstrap the communication.


I’m not used to high sec space, but I can imagine this may have the opposite effect by scaring away potential chat partners. They might log off or move somewhere else.

Anyway, local can be fun to talk in sometimes. But at other times it’s pretty dead. Luckily there are other channels that can keep me occupied, fleet chat, corp chat, alliance chat, rookie help if I’m feeling helpful, etc.

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I have quite the success with it. Some people even try to shoot me


Underrated idea

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I have noticed the State War Academy channel is often silent for hours. 300+ people in there consistently, but it doesn’t get going until 400 or more; I think. I think it’s just the changing culture.

I noticed my kids will “multi-task” while playing games, chat or watch a video in between activity in whatever game they are playing. (Yes, I explained information overload to them.)

Maybe one day we’ll all have a universe full of NPCs to interact with and won’t even bother with other people at all. :frowning:

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Yes, CCP is preventing people from typing. They are also behind preventing Trump from releasing his tax returns, and from letting pigs fly