Anyone else feels this way?

Why is ESI so important to nullsec alliances? It doesn’t show anything. People are not stupid, they know how to hide stuff(payments, mails- nobody sends spy messages ingame and then let it read for a recruiter). It feels to me more like a way to see your vulnerabilities, assets. I could use that info on my alts, to camp certain systems, hoping to catch that extraexpensive ship that is docked somewhere (if i was on the other end). And i should give the corp the ability to read all my mails whenever they want… sure… there’s nothing to do in highsec, and all the nullsec corps want to sniff in ur stuff… so i wont be going to null either. wormhole is not for me. might as well unsub, and spend my time and money elsewhere.

You might say all do that and have no problems but just not for me. i like my privacy.

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I cant count how many times I’ve caught people sharing intel over corp mails, or followed the isk trail to alts that were never disclosed. It does show quite a bit, if you know what to look for. Its for sure not a be-all/end-all for catching people though. The smarter ones run discords and other out of game chats.

We also use it to see how we can help a pilot better themselves, or if they need a good isk boost to become more self sufficient. We’ve given free ratting carriers away to people who had just trained into them, so that they can get their feet wet and learn the ropes wihtout putting their own isk at risk.

Null Corps that dont require this usually aren’t worth your time, tbh. Unfortunately its the name of the game. Dont like it, find a group that doesnt ask for it, or better yet, create one and see how that goes.

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